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~On Fire~! All the Times Dakota Fanning Flaunted Her Bombshell Body in Bikinis: Photos

Uptown girl! Dakota Fanning was undoubtedly one of the best child stars in Hollywood and still appears in A-list movies. She’s literally grown up right before our eyes and has managed to live a normal and relaxing life outside of her day job. The Coraline star loves to soak up the sun in swimsuits with her friends and show off her gorgeous body in bikinis.

As she’s nearing her 30s, Dakota still gets viewed as the little girl she was during her childhood career, which she considers the biggest downside to early stardom. “The difficult part about starting so young, which I’ve totally come to accept, is that when you grow up and become a woman, people think you’re younger,” she told Porter in July 2019. 

“The other day, my mom, my sister and I were in Las Vegas for my sister’s 21st birthday and somebody said, ‘Are you Dakota Fanning? You’re that child?’”

The Hounddog star has an exquisite physique and has stayed in shape over the years. However, having to maintain the “Hollywood standard” her entire life has caused her to struggle with her body image. “I do think that actresses are expected to be models as well. You really are, and it’s not the same,” she told Lucky Magazine in 2014.

“I’ve definitely had times [during a photoshoot] when I’ve wanted to say, ‘This was made for a child. This will not fit me.'”

She made a splash when she starred in the 2013 film Very Good Girls and skinny dipped with her costar and WandaVision actress Elizabeth Olsen. The NYU alumna always viewed herself as confident, so the scene was no big deal to her. Plus, she was good friends with the Marvel star before filming that scene. 

“I’ve known Lizzie for a long time,” she told Teen Vogue in 2014 while explaining that the two went to high school together and had mutual friends. 

“It was really fun to play friends and actually be friends in real life, which is sort of another rare thing,” the Effie Gray actress continued. “Usually, you never know the person and then have to pretend to be friends. It was a very realistic sort of experience making this movie”

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