Close as ever! Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s meetup with ex Tyler Cameron in Los Angeles on Monday, September 28, “seemed like the natural thing to do” after not seeing each other for nearly five months, a source tells Us Weekly.

“They’re really good friends and are always in touch,” the insider said two days after the pair were spotted by fans having lunch together along with pal Jacob “Brown Bear” Laham. “They hadn’t seen each other face-to-face in a while, so it was nice to catch up and kick back.”

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Laughs With Ex Tyler Cameron
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Back in March, Hannah, 26, quarantined with Tyler, 27, at his Florida home along with Bachelor star Matt James and a few of the former contestant’s hometown pals for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Dancing With the Stars alum then relocated to her parents’ home in Alabama for most of the summer before returning to her apartment in Los Angeles. 

Although Tyler has remained in the panhandle state all these months, he has begun working on various projects, including the launch of his YouTube channel. The Bachelor Nation stud documented his travels to New Mexico via Instagram before making his way west to California. All in all, it made sense that he would catch up with Hannah. The contractor also saw Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick while in town. 

The exes, who met during season 15, have both said their relationship is strictly platonic, but fans aren’t the only ones keeping their fingers crossed for something more. During a live event for Hannah’s birthday on September 24, she and season 23 contestant Demi Burnett played a game where they guessed each other’s Bachelor Nation crush. 

Demi wrote “Tyler” in big letters on her board along with season 17 star Sean Lowe in parentheses. At first, the former beauty queen tried to get out of answering the question but then added she enjoyed watching Sean’s season “the most.” The Bachelor in Paradise alum, 25, quipped that she knew Hannah “wouldn’t want to say” Tyler’s name and gushed over the strong bond between the exes. 

“The chemistry was so there,” Demi acknowledged. “We’re all dreaming for it, every Tannah stan, like we all want it to happen.”

We’ll never stop shipping Hannah and Tyler!