Jelly Roll and his wife, Bunnie Xo, are hoping to add to their family. The couple confirmed on Tuesday, June 4, that they are trying for a baby.

“My wife and I are talking about having a baby,” Jelly Roll, 39, whose real name is Jason DeFord, said on the “Bussin’ With the Boys” podcast. “And it really made me realize that at almost 40, I was like, it means I got to live to at least 60. I got to see this kid into college.”

Bunnie, 44, whose real name is Alisa DeFord, shared a clip from the interview on Instagram and offered more insight into the pair’s journey to have a child. They are already parents to daughter Bailee, 16, and son Noah, 7, from two of Jelly’s previous relationships.

“We had planned on doing this privately but decided our IVF journey needed to be shared because we’ve always been so open,” Bunnie explained. “And w/ all odds stacked against us, it’s already been hard and we have only just begun. We have been meeting w/ IVF doctors & exploring all our options to add to our family. J & I are so excited & scared all at the same time. We genuinely never thought we’d want to add to our family but something changed this year & we both just want a piece of us together to add to our already perfect family w/ Bailee and Noah.”

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She also gave some insight into their timeline with her post’s caption, writing, “God Willing – Baby DeFord 2026.”

Jelly Roll has full custody of Bailee, whose mother has struggled with drug addiction. He has never revealed the identity of Noah’s mother, but the child made a rare public appearance in one of Bunnie Xo’s social media posts on June 1. Although Bunnie is not the biological mother of Bailee and Noah, she is proud to be their bonus mom.

“It takes a special kind of woman to raise a kid that isn’t her child and still treat the child as if she was,” the country star gushed about his wife in 2020.

Jelly met his now-wife at one of his shows in Las Vegas in 2015. They tied the knot in Sin City one year later. “She said she fell in love with the saddest eyes in the room,” the “Need a Favor” singer shared in 2022. “I’m not going to act like I shot my shot. She kind of shot hers. We had mutual friends. She said, ‘Yo. Just plug me in with Jelly.’ And I hit her on some other s–t.”