Here comes the bride! Bachelor Nation stars Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt dish about their plans for their upcoming wedding that will be attended by nearly 200 people during an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

“It’s going good,” Serena, 25, tells Life & Style about the wedding planning while promoting the couple’s partnership with Olmeca Altos Tequila, a key component of their “perfect date night” at home. “We have an amazing wedding planner, Christine. Thank gosh.”

After noting that the planning process has been “intimidating,” the former Bachelor contestant adds, “Big shout out to people that plan their own weddings without a wedding planner.”

Joe, 36, reveals that several stars from Bachelor Nation will be included on the guest list. Natasha Parkerwho was the witness at their courthouse wedding on October 27, 2022, will be invited, as well as Nick Viall, his fiancée Natalie JoyBri Springs, Clay HarborWells Adams and his wife, Sarah Hyland.

“Do you want all hundred 190 people?” Serena jokingly asks as the duo tease the guest list.

The couple – who met and became engaged during season 7 of Bachelor In Paradise – tied the knot in the surprise courthouse ceremony, posting a video of their jeans and t-shirt vows.

“JUST MARRIED!!” they wrote via Instagram in a joint post at the time. “We are still having a wedding this September but who doesn’t want to get married twice!”

While speaking to Life & Style, the pair admit that their relationship hasn’t changed much since becoming husband and wife.

“You know how when you have your birthday and let’s say you turn 25 and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, she feels so different.’ It’s like, ‘No, I feel the same as I did yesterday,’” Serena shares. “For us, we went to the courthouse, we got married, we went back to our apartment and had lunch. Life continued the same. It’s not like major changes have happened for us.”

However, she says that she may feel differently after their more elaborate ceremony.

Joe and Serena also reveal certain parts of their relationship that have stayed the same since the courthouse wedding, including their date nights at home.

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt Dish Plans for 200-Person Wedding After Courthouse Marriage: Details
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“We do a lot of taco nights at home,” Serena says, while Joe adds that they partnered with Altos because they’re “big tequila drinkers and especially margaritas.”

Joe adds that the partnership with Altos – which is available through the Cobble app – makes planning date night easy. “You don’t have to really make any decisions cause the app does it for you,” he says. “Instead of sitting there and going back and forth …  And then you waste an hour. It’s like when you’re scrolling on Netflix. So it takes away the scrolling.”

Also during the conversation, the newlyweds share their plans to have kids. “That was actually something we talked about before we even took our relationship seriously,” the Bachelorette alum recalls. Serena chimes in, “We talked about it like on our first date in Paradise.”

While they plan to become parents “at some point,” Joe and Serena aren’t in a rush to start a family and they share that they’ll likely only have “two” babies.

“Right now, our apartment in New York City can only fit two people,” she continues. “Adding two additional people is a whole other situation. But down the line, it’s wedding planning and then we’ll start thinking about babies.”