Solid advice, girl! Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Stories to do a little Q&A session while getting her hair braided on February 25 — and opened up about how she gets so “motivated” when it comes time to hit the gym. Needless to say, the brunette beauty was ripe with thoughtful words on how to get your butt up and moving.

“The hardest part is getting there,” the 22-year-old fitness fanatic replied to a fan question over a mirror selfie from the gym. “Also, knowing that you can’t buy your health, you have to work for it. The gym is my therapy as well. If it was easy, everyone would be there.”


This definitely wouldn’t be the first time the SECNDNTURE founder has given health and fitness advice on social media. In fact, she spoke on getting back into the groove of working out after “draining” work days on February 21, reminding folks that it even happens to dedicated gym junkies like her.

“If you’re watching this video right now, that means that God gave you another chance to wake up and be great and tell someone you love them and make yourself a priority,” Jordy told fans in a selfie video before letting followers know they, too, could get back in the motivated mindset. “Do something that makes you feel good.”

It’s no surprise to see the starlet being a role model for those trying to find their health niche. “I think that fitness really kind of saved me and made me the person that I am today through losing my dad and everything that I’ve had to deal with,” she revealed to Life & Style exclusively back in December 2019.

“Fitness really was my crutch,” Jordyn continued. “[Instead of] dealing with therapy and everything, I just went to the gym, and so not only are you working on yourself to be better, but working up those stairs, that just increases your level for happiness and everything else.”

In true Jordy form, she also gave LS a taste of her best advice: “I always will tell someone, ‘If you’re upset about something and you don’t really want to talk about it or you don’t know what to do, just get up and go do something to make yourself feel better.’”

Sounds like a plan, babe — we’re on it.