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MGK’s Outlandish Outfits Prove He’s a ~Wild Boy~! See Photos of His Most Daring Clothing

It’s called ~fashion~. Machine Gun Kelly always makes headlines when he attends red carpet events, as he’s usually packing on major PDA with fiancée Megan Fox. However, his outlandish outfits at big events and award shows gain just as much recognition as his intense lip-locking sessions.

Although the “Emo Girl” artist wears eye-catching ensembles that only a few people would dare to wear, his fearless outfit choices have caught the attention of elite designers. From his collaboration with Reebok to walking in the Spring 2017 John Varvatos fashion show, you can say he’s an influence in today’s fashion culture.

MGK recalled the day he met John, where his outfit choice ultimately landed him his partnership with the American designer.

“I remember that day, I almost lost the shirt I was supposed to wear with the blazer. So, I was like ‘F–k it,’ and I just wore this John Varvatos two-piece suit with no shirt and a John Varvatos scarf tied in the John Varvatos way,” he told Billboard in 2017. “I think he just saw me and was just like, ‘This dude’s f–kin’ cool.’ We were just two rock-n-rollers in the same spot at the same time. Ever since … it just felt like it was gonna happen.”

MGK’s rockstar career and lifestyle have made it so he’s more comfortable wearing bold outfits on the red carpet. From fishnet mesh tops to vibrant colors, The Dirt actor is comfortable wearing whatever, whenever.

“I love always being able to put on something that is untouched by time, like a classic leather jacket. I just don’t ever want people to think I give a f–k,” he continued. “I don’t want people to think I’m putting on these clothes to try and be cool, to fit in, or try and be seen. I wake up, and I am fully f–king dressed, all day every day. And it’s for myself, not to fit in.”

While he dresses for himself, his personal style has rubbed off on his leading lady. Megan once revealed she’s “heavily influenced” by her fiancé’s “insane clothing,” which leads them to match or color coordinate outfits on the red carpet on multiple occasions.

“I haven’t seen two grown adult people match their outfits this way,” the Jennifer’s Body starlet told The New York Post in 2021. “Maybe it’s like something you think about [in] high school or middle school even. There’s a fun element that maybe people have been missing. You know, we’re not too serious.”

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