Screw your traditional gender roles! Wells Adams can be seen making some baller adult beverages as the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise, but it turns out he knows his way around a kitchen, too! The reality hunk revealed exclusively to Life & Style that he does all the cooking in his shared home with fiancée Sarah Hyland.
“I do all the cooking in the house,” he revealed. “We do a lot of tacos — we’re both big taco people. It’s really kind of cliché now but it’s true. I make really good shrimp tacos and really good flank steak carne asada tacos. There’s a lot of that, and I like to grill. I like to take her around the kitchen. It’s fun!” Well heck, it sounds pretty darn fun to us too, Wells! How about an invite next time?
And if you’re wondering whether Wells busts out his bartending skills at home, too, the answer is yes … kinda. “Well [Sarah] likes rosé, which actually works out well,” he explained, gushing about his new partnership with Svedka to promote their limited edition party bottle, available through Labor Day. “It’s funny because Svedka’s got this rosé bottle which actually is freaking good and just good on its own, or over ice, or throw in some soda water. But yeah she’s a rosé girl so it doesn’t take a whole lot of mixology [skills] to make her happy … There’s no bitters or like infusing lemon zest into stuff which is nice.”
While Wells is busy cooking, Sarah’s out bringing home the bacon. The talented actress is wrapping up her long run with hit show Modern Family, recently performed her first single at the Teen Choice Awards, and she’s already sold a pilot that she created for her next goal! Though, if we were Sarah, we would probably never leave the house knowing our own personal chef and mixologist was at home! Something tells us she’ll never let this hunk go.
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Pick Out Fruit
Reporting by Diana Cooper