She’s a natural beauty! The Bachelor contestant Kelsey Anderson addressed fan questions about whether she’s ever had lip filler in a Thursday, March 21, TikTok video.

While reflecting on an old photo of herself from college, Kelsey, 25, pointed out that she always used to “tuck [her] lip under” when she smiled. “I’ve trained myself not to do that anymore,” she added. “I will say I did get lip filler a little over a year ago. It was probably about a year ago … I honestly was so upset at myself after I got it. I have never wanted lip filler before and I don’t know why I got it. I’ve always had fuller lips, I just would always tuck them in whenever I would smile.”

Kelsey admitted that she “regretted” her decision to get lip filler “immediately” after having the procedure done. “I ended up getting it dissolved,” she confirmed. “So this is me. No filler. That’s something I never want to do again. I don’t see myself doing it again just because I’m happy with the way that I look without anything extra. But I also think that everyone’s entitled to do what they want with their body.”

She captioned the video, “No more filler for me. But all love to my filler girls, my natural girls and the beautiful concept of preference!”

Kelsey has developed quite a social media following on both TikTok and Instagram amid her journey on season 28 of The Bachelor. As one of Joey Graziadei’s final two women, along with Daisy Kent, she will appear in the finale episode on March 25.

During fantasy suites week, Kelsey made headlines for leaving a cryptic note for Joey, 28, that said, “We need to talk.” While he feared the worst and wondered if she was going to leave the show, it turned out Kelsey just wanted to assure the tennis instructor that she was excited to hopefully meet his family and let him know that she was missing him during their time apart.

Viewers trolled Kelsey on social media for not including any context in her note and leaving Joey so worried. She poked fun at herself, too, by mocking the situation in a TikTok video on Wednesday, March 20. “I do [solemnly] swear I will never be so vague again,” she captioned the post. “Sorry Bachelor Nation.”

The Bachelor finale airs on ABC Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.