All is fair in love and war? Brian Carter (a.k.a Carter) got into an explosive fight on Vanderpump Rules with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney about his rocky relationship with Kristen Doute. The March 4 episode was a night full of confrontations, advice from Lisa Vanderpump and relationship counseling from a castmember’s mom.

It all started when the ladies headed to a wine tasting that ended with Kristen slamming her friends for criticizing her relationship with Carter. They didn’t think she seemed happy but Kristen was extremely resistant to what they were saying.

“Kristen turns into Satan when she’s on vacation. She’s struggling in her relationship,” Stassi later dished to Lisa to which the restaurant mogul said, “I’m sorry it’s not working with Carter, he’s been a stabling influence on her.”

Stassi wasn’t so compassionate about her friend’s situation. “The only difference between me and Kristen is she’s older than me and she should know better … I’m so freaking lucky to have found a guy like Beau [Clark] who has been taught and trained his whole life to deal with psychos like me.” Stassi and Beau have been dating for over a year and he made his first appearance on Vanderpump during season 7.

Iza, Beau’s relationship expert mother, led a little retreat for all the couple’s at Kristen’s house where Carter finally confronted the Witches of WeHo for “bad mouthing” him.

“Look me in the eye and tell me you guys are in an awesome relationship,” Katie snapped. Carter tried to explain that their three-year-long relationship was just going through a “rough patch.”

Katie added that she was sick of hearing how Kristen was “so miserable for so long for the way you treat her.” Yikes. Carter had enough and clapped back, “You know why she comes home and we get in fights? Because you guys are f—king d—ks to her. You’re rude.” He continued, “Because you guys are scary. When she comes home after hanging out with you, yes, we get in arguments because y’all are very nasty.”

“Go f—k yourself,” Katie fired off as Kristen tried burning sage to stop the fighting. “Kristen has spent the first 35 years of her life in a blind drunken rage. Then she meets Beau’s mom ad she’s Mahatma Gandhi? Give me a break,” Stassi divulged in her confessional before she and Katie left the party.

Time will tell what’s in store for Kristen and Carter.

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