You can ~bet on~ Zac Efron giving Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce his stamp of approval. The actor weighed in on the viral comparisons of the A-listers to the teen couple from High School Musical, which he starred in.

“Wow, I didn’t think about that,” Zac, 36, admitted in an interview with E! News on Monday, February 26. “That’s really cool. Shout out to all the High School Musical fans.”

Zac starred as Troy Bolton, the school’s star athlete, while Vanessa Hudgens played Gabriella Montez, the star of the school play, in the three-part Disney franchise. With Travis, 34, being a professional athlete and Taylor, 34, being a musician, fans have compared the couple’s love story to that of Troy and Gabriella’s.

“I love the whole Travis, Taylor thing,” Zac gushed. “Man, I’m so happy for them. They’re two of the best people in the world. How can you not be stoked?”

Zac has known Taylor for years. They both voiced characters in the 2012 film The Lorax and appeared together in a viral interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while promoting the movie. During the sit down, Zac revealed that Taylor had been teaching him guitar and the pair showed off his skills by writing a song to the tune of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” where they addressed rumors that they were dating.

“Calling us out like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend but it’s not ‘cause we’re just sitting here,” the Ricky Stanicky star sang on the show.

While he may have never had a romantic relationship with the pop star, Zac did date Vanessa, 35, in real life amid High School Musical’s success. They were together from 2005 until 2010. Vanessa also previously reacted to the High School Musical/Taylor and Travis comparisons.

zac efron on taylor swift travis kelce relationship

“Hilarious!” she wrote in an Instagram comment, which was a response to a message that read, “The Chiefs game and the Golden Globes being within hours of each other reminds me of when Troy and Gabriella had the basketball game and the academic decathlon at the same time as the audition for the school musical.”

While Taylor and Travis have had to attend some events separately due to their respective busy schedules, they’ve also made it a point to publicly support each other. Taylor was in attendance at several of her man’s football games during the 2023 season and flew from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch him play in the Super Bowl on February 11.

The NFL star returned the favor by jetting to Australia to attend one of Taylor’s Eras tour concerts on February 23. He spent just two days Down Under before turning around and flying home for a Super Bowl celebration with his teammates.