Kathy Griffin's Allergic to Metal!

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    <p><span></span>Funny girl <a href="http://dynamic.bauerpublishing.com/mt-search.fcgi?blog_id=2&tag=kathy griffin&limit=20&IncludeBlogs=2"><strong>Kathy Griffin</strong></a> looked radiant at the 2012 People's Choice Awards in LA on Jan. 11, but she couldn't hide an odd discoloration on her left arm. </p>

Now Life & Style can reveal why: She has an allergy to metal!

"It's a weird allergy, but that's why she had her wedding ring tattooed on," a close friend of Kathy's tells Life & Style.

The ring her friend is referring to is from Kathy's marriage to Matt Moline from 2001 to 2006.

"The jewels she was wearing at the event were all real, but that's just how her skin reacts," the friend adds.

So what's up next for Kathy?

It was just announced that the comedian, 51, will host a weekly one-hour weekly talk show titled Kathy on Bravo. She'll put a comical spin on everything currently going on in the pop-culture world as well as interview celebrities. It's set to premiere this spring.

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