LOL! Amy Schumer can’t “believe” she and husband Chris Fischer initially named their son Gene Attell Fischer. After realizing it sounded like “genital,” they changed it to Gene David

“I don’t know, it just means we’re unstable, I guess,” the 38-year-old joked to Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie during an appearance on the Today Show on May 11. “How am I going to apologize for that? Genie, we’re sorry. We’re so sorry!”

Amy Schumer Chris Fischer and Gene on the Today Show Apologized for naming him Gene Attell

Of course, the comedian acknowledged she and the chef, 40, “fixed it” by swapping out his middle name. The Trainwreck star and her hubby didn’t notice the dirty sound of their 12-month-old’s name, perhaps because he goes by a bunch sweet monikers at home. “We usually call him his nicknames like little biggini the panini, Genie, the baby, the guy, little guy but mostly panini,” the proud mom said. 

Amy first revealed Gene’s name change on April 14 during her podcast “3 Girls, 1 Keith.” Although she was blown away by the situation, she had an amazing sense of humor about it afterward. “Oh, like you never named your kid Genital fissure!!!!!!!” she wrote on Instagram the next day to caption a photo of herself and Chris. 

Name snafu aside, it’s obvious Amy and Chris are absolutely smitten over their sweet boy. The family of three celebrated his first birthday on May 5. “I’m really glad it was you. HBD,” the Inside Amy Schumer star gushed on Instagram. 

amy-schumer-son gene-first-birthday-at-home
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Chris and Amy are loving parenthood so much that they’re already trying for a second child via in vitro fertilization, and she shared candid updates about her journey on social media. “I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” the Snatched actress captioned a photo of her bruised belly, a result of the fertility procedure, in January. “If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me, please do. My number is in my bio.”

The uncomfortable and invasive course of action held one purpose for the couple. “We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling,” Amy added. 

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Hey! So ivf went like this for us. They retrieved 35 eggs from me. Not bad for the old gal right? Then 26 fertilized! Whoah right? For all of those we got 1 normal embryo from that and 2 low level mosaic (mosaic means there are some abnormal cells but can still lead to a healthy baby) So we feel lucky we got 1! But what a drop off right? Anyway I have so appreciated everyone sharing their Ivf stories with me. They made me feel empowered and supported. So I wanted to tell you how mine went down. So many women go through many rounds of ivf which is painful and mentally grueling. I heard from hundreds of women about my their miscarriages and struggles and also many hopeful stories about how after rounds and rounds of ivf it worked!! It has been really encouraging. Thank you. Anyway I am so grateful for our son and that we have the resources to get help in this way. I just wanted to share and send love and strength to all of the warrior women who go through this process. 🎸💪🏾 my number is in my bio if you are open to text me your experience or whatever you feel like. I read them when I can’t sleep or have time 👻

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She gave fans an update in February. “They retrieved 35 eggs from me. Not bad for the old gal right? Then 26 fertilized! Whoa, right? For all of those we got [one] normal embryo from that and [two] low level mosaic (mosaic means there are some abnormal cells but can still lead to a healthy baby),” Amy explained on Instagram. “So we feel lucky we got [one]! But what a drop off, right?” They have since put their baby efforts on hold while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Amy, Chris and Gene!