Contestant Madison Prewett has been an obvious frontrunner for Bachelor star Peter Weber all season, but do they end up together? The finale on March 9 and 10 was filled with many dramatic twists, and our heads are still spinning over his relationship with Madi. The leading man and Alabama native are currently taking it “one day at a time” after their rollercoaster romance.

Madison, 23, made it to the final two along with Hannah Ann Sluss. Although she eliminated herself ahead of the final rose ceremony, she still gets her guy. Peter, 28, surprisingly got engaged to Hannah Ann, but then called it off to rekindle his romance with the brunette babe. Chris Harrison served as Peter’s wingman after filming wrapped.

Peter Weber With Madison in Australia

“He ended his engagement because of his feelings for you,” the show host told Madi, who confessed that she was eager for a second chance. “I know that I still have so much love in my heart for you,” she later admitted to the Bachelor Nation hunk during a candid conversation. The feelings were definitely mutual.

When they reunited on After the Final Rose, Peter acknowledged that they both have “a lot of healing to do,” but were reading to strike back up their relationship — even if Peter’s mom, Barb, made it clear she’s not a fan.

Peter Weber and Madison Dating After Bachelor

Many clues pointed to something cooking between the reality pair off-camera. First off, the basketball star was spotted with a Bachelor production team in Alabama, where she is from, in mid-February. “Madison currently filming something with production at Town Creek Park in Auburn, Alabama,” Reality Steve reported on February 11.

After the ABC show wraps each season, the winner and the leading man or woman are whisked away to a private location. The lovebirds usually spend time with one another in a secret home, so it’s a bit strange that Madison would be doing something with the cameras rolling months after the show was filmed.

Another reason why fans thought Peter and Madi eventually ended up together is that he is a partner in the charity Seed to Mountain Ministries, and Madison’s dad and Madi both follow the account. Hmm … definitely seemed like a big coincidence.

Their relationship had been rocky since fantasy suites. Prior to his overnight dates with the other contestants, Madison pulled Peter aside to explain she wasn’t comfortable with him sleeping with anyone after the rose ceremony. Madi noted that “actions speak louder than words” before they headed down under.

During their date, the foster parent recruiter told Peter that she is saving herself for marriage, and she “wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement and move forward” if he had slept with Hannah Ann or Victoria Fuller (or both). 

“So, you’d throw this all away if something happened with the other women?” he asked. The handsome hunk ended up telling Madi about his romps with the others, and shortly after, she took a minute to think outside, where he later consoled her.

Clearly, Peter has been smitten with Madison since the very beginning when he brought her home to meet his parents. “That was as perfect as I could’ve ever expected it to go,” he told the Southern beauty after their one-on-one date.

Then, after they climbed a skyscraper in Australia, the California transplant gushed about his connection with Madison. “Whenever I am with Madison, I feel on top of the world,” he raved. “I have just been so happy and pleased with our relationship up until this point. She knows how strongly I feel about her.”

Madison With Peter on the Bachelor

Can love conquer all? Peter and Madi intend to find out.