Are things heating up between Vinny Guadagnino and Gabby Windey … or are they just trolling their Instagram followers?! The former Bachelorette lead and Jersey Shore alum have sparked major dating rumors since wrapping up their stint on Dancing With the Stars season 31.

But are they in it for the romance or is this just a showmance for now? Keep reading for everything to know about the ongoing dating rumors. 

Are Vinny Guadagnino and Gabby Windey Dating?

When it comes to their relationship status, both Vinny and Gabby have remained vague on the subject. However, after the ABC alum publicly announced her split from ex-fiancé Erich Schwer, she and the MTV personality started getting flirty on social media.

The dating rumors started swirling after Gabby, who came in second place during their DWTS season, posted a video with partner Val Chmerkovskiy from the November 14, 2022, live show. Vinny, who was eliminated during the eighth week alongside partner Koko Iwasaki, referred to the Bachelor Nation member as his “baby mamma” in the comments section.

Gabby, for her part, replied and called Vinny “my main man.”

Gabby Windey Says Dating Vinny Guadagnino Would Be a 'Pick-Me-Up' After Flirty Exchanges
ABC/Raymond Liu; Shutterstock

They further fueled relationship speculation one day later when the Staten Island native shared a social media post, writing, “Stop looking for The One … be The One and let them all come to you.” Gabby commented, “OMW,” while Vinny sent her well-wished in the DWTS finale.

“Patiently waiting while you kill the finale,” he wrote back.

These aren’t the only social media interactions they’ve shared thus far!

Nearly a week after the DWTS season 31 finale aired, Vinny showed off his style while on the streets of New York City in a November 28, 2022, Instagram post. “If I’m a lot, go find less,” he captioned the picture. Of course, Gabby left a flirty reply.

“A lot of you is never enough,” she commented.

Later that same day, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star showcased his dance moves in a separate post.

“Ya’ll need to get with a strong 7/8 with a good personality. If he’s too hot he’s not gonna be funny or cook,” he captioned the clip. Text overlayed on the video also read, “When you’re medium hot but somebody fine likes you.”

Again, Gabby responded. “Honestly a 10,” she wrote this time around.

Fast forward to December, 2022, and the flirtation keeps on coming! “Me on that yacht in Taormina about to ruin everything,” Gabby captioned an Instagram post on December 12, 2022, referencing season 2 HBO’s hit series The White Lotus. The ABC alum posed alongside a bouquet of white roses in a white vase, to which Vinny commented, “Did you like those flowers? I’ll get you pink next time.”

Five days later, Vinny also shared a quote from The White Lotus in a separate post, which he captioned, “These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” to which Gabby commented, “I’ll protect you.” 

What Have Vinny and Gabby Said About the Romance Rumors?

The ABC personality said she and Vinny were “friends” while appearing on a November 18, 2022, episode of the “Chicks in the Office” podcast.

“We were on [DWTS] together,” she explained. “Apparently both of us just like to kind of stir the pot. Which is, like, funny. But [the rumors] did happen out of nowhere.”

When asked in a separate interview if she would go on a date with Vinny now that she’s single, Gabby revealed that she “would at this point” be open to it. “I could use a pick-me-up,” she joked.

Nearly a month later, Gabby teased the “possibility” of a budding romance while walking the People’s Choice Awards red carpet on December 6, 2022. “Gabby, tan, laundry,” she joked, noting that there’s not enough action “in the DMs,” telling potential matches that “now is the time.”

Vinny gave fans a tour of his NYC apartment via Instagram on December 11, 2022, and Gabby showed interest in a certain room in his abode.

“If I ever have a girlfriend, she could like, take a bath,” Vinny said while showcasing his bathroom, leading Gabby to share she “loves baths” in the comment section.

Gabby made an appearance on the December 15, 2022, episode of the “Click Bait” podcast where she dished on all things Vinny. Co-host Natasha Parker revealed she saw the MTV star at a party in Los Angeles and he couldn’t help but melt over his DWTS costar.

“He asked me, ‘Do you know Gabby?’ So you know she’s beautiful, she’s great, she’s awesome,’” Natasha recalled, adding that things would “be different” if they lived in the same city.

Cohost Joe Amabile then asked Gabby if she’d go on a date with Vinny, to which she replied, “Of course” while noting that it’s “understood” between the two.

Just two days later, the Bachelor Nation babe told Us Weekly that she and Vinny “naturally kind of clicked” after building a “good friendship on [DWTS].” 

“He’s so much fun,” she continued. “I think both of our senses of humor are similar, so [we are] just, like, flirting in the comments [and] seeing where things go.”

Things didn’t stop there, either. While appearing on Kaitlyn Bristowes “Off The Vine” podcast in April 2023, Gabby revealed that she and Vinny “chat all the time.”

“He was sliding into my DMs the other day. … I was like, ‘Are you flirting with me?’ and he’s like, ‘Um yeah, now I’m nervous.’ I’m just like, ‘Just tell me you like me!’ and he said, ‘I like you!’” Gabby shared, telling Kaitlyn that Vinny is “smart, funny and hot.” “Never say never,” she concluded about the possibility of dating the Jersey Shore star.

What Did Rachel Recchia Say About Vinny and Gabby?

When supporting her fellow former Bachelorette, Gabby’s bestie Rachel Recchia told Life & Style exclusively at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball red carpet in Los Angeles on December 2, 2022, that she “could possibly ship” their romance. However, the pilot would want to make sure that Vinny is “here for the right reasons” when it comes to Gabby. 

“Honestly, I wouldn’t mind fist pumping a little at the Jersey Shore, but, you know, we’ll see,” Rachel joked.

Gabby and Vinny Reunited For the ‘DWTS’ Tour

While Gabby and Vinny haven’t been spotted spending much time together, the pair were seen rehearsing together on January 11, 2023, during the DWTS tour. Pro dancer Emma Slater shared a clip via her Instagram Stories of the duo practicing a dance onstage together, and fans naturally ate it up. 

Chatting about her tour experience with Kaitlyn during the “Off the Vine” podcast in April 2023, Gabby shared of her and Vinny’s time together, “We had a ton of fun together,” before adding that they now don’t see much of each other since Vinny “hates L.A.”

Kaitlyn didn’t seem to buy it however, telling Gabby, “I can see you two dating for sure. I’m rooting for this.”