Someone’s a sleepy eater! Ashley Graham shared a sweet video clip of her son, Isaac Ervin, falling asleep while breast-feeding on May 7. “He fell asleep on the boob,” the model wrote over the footage of herself and her son in bed. “And now, I’m afraid to move and wake him up.”

This isn’t the first time the 32-year-old shared a video of a sweet breast-feeding moment with her infant. On April 30, she shared another clip of herself talking to the camera while panning down so followers could see the sweet baby sleeping soundly at her breast.

“I wanted to say … I’m kind of whispering because Isaac’s sleeping right here,” Ashley murmured sweetly in order to keep her newborn at bay.

The brunette beauty is quite candid and has highlighted the process of feeding her first child several times. On February 21, the Nebraska native showed off her pumping harness on her Instagram Stories and even made it ~glam~ with a sparkly filter.

Ashley Graham and Naked Baby Isaac
Courtesy of @ashleygraham/Instagram

A few days later, Ash revealed she used her breast pump for the first time in public. “First pump in an Uber. Ever so slightly awkward,” she captioned a video of herself pumping in the backseat of a car.

The body positivity advocate is an inspiration to strong and unashamed mamas everywhere. She spoke about being empowered after having a home birth on her “Pretty Big Deal” podcast with husband Justin Ervin.

“I have to say now though that I gave birth, and I did it naturally and I felt everything, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do,” she said on February 4, just a week after her son’s birth. “Like there’s nothing that can come my way where I’d say, ‘That’s too hard. I can’t handle that.’ I went through laboring for six hours naturally.”

Ashley and Justin, 31, announced their pregnancy on their ninth wedding anniversary. “Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life,” she gushed on Instagram in August 2019. “It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin. Life is about to get even better.”

The proud parents welcomed their bundle of joy on January 18.