He’s still looking for love! Derek Peth left season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise a single man after Demi Burnett got together with her current fiancé, Kristian Haggerty, and Tayshia Adams opted to cook up a romance with John Paul Jones. However, the reality stud isn’t giving up hope and revealed exclusively to Life & Style what he’s looking for in a potential girlfriend.

“The biggest thing I look for is somebody who’s a little bit cheeky that has no problem speaking their mind,” the 32-year-old confessed during the iHeart Radio Music Festival, which took place September 20 and 21 in Las Vegas. “It’s like, you look at looks, I’ve dated a whole different set of people who look totally different.” Derek previously got engaged to Taylor Nolan during season 4 of Paradise, but the two split less than a year later.

Bachelor in Paradise DEREK PETH, DEMI BURNETT
ABC/John Fleenor

Derek first appeared in Bachelor Nation as a contestant on JoJo Fletcher‘s season of The Bachelorette. He admitted that he’s definitely more drawn to someone’s personality rather than outward appearance. He explained, “The big thing for me is someone who [has], like, no problem speaking their mind. Like, I have a big personality, so somebody who I can’t run over who’s like, ‘No, no, no. Hold on. Stop. This is what I think.’ And, you know, they just speak up.”

Considering Derek hasn’t been afraid to ruffle some feathers in the past, it may come as a bit of a surprise that he would want a romantic partner who is equally opinionated. “I, like, appreciate and accept that,” he noted. “So, to me, it’s not a combative thing. When somebody speaks their mind, I, like, am very turned on by that. I look for somebody who has the ability to just like steadfastly know who they are, I think. That’s really what it is.”

Fans were shocked when he and Taylor ended things since they were attached at the hip during their stint in Paradise and seemed head-over-heels in love. A big piece of the problem was that they lived on opposite coasts. “It was very stressful at the end,” Derek admitted about the demise of their relationship during an interview on The Morning Toast in July 2018. “I think that she didn’t want to leave Seattle and she wanted to like travel here and travel there and take advantage of some of this [Bachelor Nation] stuff … And I got my job [in New York City], I have my normal week.” Taylor currently has a new boyfriend who she calls “Canada Man.”

Derek may be a single man but we have a feeling he won’t be for long!