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Celebrity Love Nests: These Stars’ Bedrooms Will Really Get You ~ In the Mood~

Is there any better physical representation of a person than their bedroom? The place where you sleep, relax, read, watch movies, or make love says a lot about someone, and that rings especially true for celebrities. While the high-end furniture and luxe bedding might be expected, some of the simple comforts in these stars’ love nests could be just as surprising.

When the master suite is shared by a celebrity couple, design can become even more difficult. “The one thing Kanye [West] and I had in common was our preference for a neutral palette,” Kim Kardashian told Architectural Digest about their stark living space. “I love the simplicity of the design. Everything in the outside world is so chaotic. I like to come into a place and immediately feel the calmness.”

But Kanye had some more intriguing concepts for the space that, in the end, Kim had to veto. “Kanye would come up with the most far-out ideas, and I’d say, ‘This is not normal. We need drawers!’ I was the voice of functionality,” she revealed. The solution? Hiding things like storage, toys, and even their sink drains with clever design.

Still, it was important that their home be family-friendly. Their bedroom actually has no doors and features a massive bed that can fit the whole Kardashian-West clan. “This house may be a case study, but our vision for it was built around our family,” Kanye explained. “In the end, we don’t take it too seriously. We’re not going to be fanatics,” Kim agreed.

Jenna Dewan also loves spending family time ⁠— and alone time ⁠— in her stunning bedroom. “My favorite place in the house … the coziest bedroom ever,” she gushed over her relaxing space, furnished by AllModern. “These swivel chairs and bed are where you will always find me reading, relaxing, or listening to music.” Now that she has baby Callum Kazee, she also spends lots of time there snuggling with him, fiancé Steve Kazee and daughter Everly Tatum. Sure, a chic room is nice, but it’s even better when it becomes a cozy place for quality time!

Scroll through the gallery below to tour some of Hollywood’s most luxurious ⁠— and some surprisingly normal ⁠— bedrooms.