Moving on! Bachelorette star Clare Crawley shared a cryptic message about her “exes” amid Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of The Bachelor reairing on Monday, September 7, for the finale of Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever. Fans relived the reality couple’s dramatic romance that led to their breakup during the final rose ceremony.

“You are worthy of authentic and unconditional love,” the Sacramento native, 39, shared on her Instagram Story before dropping another quote about the lessons she’s learned along the way. “And, on that note! Thank you to our exes who taught us what we won’t allow and what we deserve.” 

Clare Crawley Thanks Exes During Juan Pablo Galavis Season of The Bachelor
Courtesy Clare Crawley/Instagram

Clare found love with a contestant from on season 16 — see spoilers here! — but she admitted that her romance with JP, 39, changed her life. During an interview with Chris Harrison on Bachelor: GOAT, she specifically said she wanted to “thank” Juan Pablo and “forgive” him for all the drama that went down between them.

Her sentiment appeared genuine because JP exclusively told Life & Style he was “called by [The Bachelorette’s] executive producer” to join his ex’s season. “She wanted to make peace with me,” the season 18 star explained. “I’m not sure if that was her or producers trying to get me back on the show. But, if it was her, that was nice.”

During their split on The Bachelor, Clare told JP, “I thought I knew what kind of man you were. I lost respect for you. … What you just made me go through — I would never want my children having a father like you.” She ignored multiple red flags during their relationship because he told her to “trust” him, which added to her anger at the end. 

“I had to let her go, and I feel bad she was not able to understand that,” the Venezuelan stud added. “I will always think that she had to respect my decision and not reply about not wanting her kids to have a father like me. I believe that was very disrespectful, but I understand she didn’t like my decision.”

It looks like Clare is ready for life with her man!