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Did Kelsea Ballerini Get Plastic Surgery? The ‘Heartfirst’ Singer’s Transformation in Photos

It’s her world, and we’re just living in it! Kelsea Ballerini made 2023 her year after releasing the six-song EP Rolling Up the Welcome Mat in February of that year following her 2022 divorce from Morgan Evans. Since then, the Tennessee native has become a household name with some fans going back to explore her entire discography. Kelsea release her first single, “Love Me Like You Mean It,” in 2014 and has been killing it since then. While the songstress has changed a lot throughout her time in the spotlight, did she ever get plastic surgery?

Kelsea has never spoken publicly about undergoing the knife or enhancing her looks, but the “Heartfirst” singer has talked candidly about her struggles with body positivity throughout her life.

“From the very beginning of my journey of putting out music and becoming more of a public person, I’ve really just tried to be honest. I have days where I have a bikini on and I feel good in my body, and I post a photo. But then I also have days where I look like I haven’t slept in three weeks and I’m insecure, and I post that too,” she explained to New Beauty in June 2022. “I’ve always tried to have that relationship with my fans and social media. Now that society is wanting to show more of that realness and less of the facade of perfection, that’s been really aligned with what I’ve been trying to do. It’s about holding myself accountable to stay honest and trust myself.”

Using her platform, Kelsea explained that she wants to “open up more space for conversation” about the serious topics.

“Healing comes from conversation because it creates community,” she gushed in the same interview. “You don’t feel alone. And when you don’t feel alone, you can handle anything a lot better.”

Later that same year, the “Dibs” musician explained that she just wants to be “open” about everything in her life, making sure that fans know hat she stands for.

“I’m still getting my footing on what I really want to stand for but I think the way that you do that, especially as a chronic people pleaser, is you just kind of word vomit all the things that you’ve experienced in your life and you find the things that you’re really passionate about standing up for and then you just do your best to show up for those things,” Kelsea shared. “I think I’m kind of still on that journey figuring that out.”

Scroll through the gallery to see Kelsea’s transformation over the years.