LOL! Bachelorette Hannah Brown hilariously roasted ex Tyler Cameron about one recurring problem he’s had since appearing on season 15. “He has a booger in his nose at least nine times out of 10,” the Alabama beauty said while on Instagram Live with her ex, Matt James and slew of other pals who are quarantining with him in Florida amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Another person in the house confirmed that the 27-year-old has “mad boogers.” However, Tyler seemed unbothered by the shade. “I heard an interview where you said you liked my boogers,” the male model quipped about an interview Hannah, 25, did with People in July 2019. “No, I said it was the one thing I won’t miss,” she corrected. 

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Laughs With Ex Tyler Cameron
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

If you’re wondering who is remembering history correctly — it’s the former leading lady. “What I’ll miss least about Tyler is picking his boogies,” she dished to the outlet at the time. “But that shows that I really cared. Because I didn’t want him to have boogies on camera. So I just went in there and got them for him.” 

Even before their strong friendship developed, Hannah acknowledged that they’ve always had a super playful relationship. “It’s really easy to just — I can pick on him, and he can pick on me,” she added. 

The former beauty queen and Florida native make an adorable pair. Fans were keeping their fingers crossed that the former flames would rekindle their romance while she stayed at his home for more than two weeks amid COVID-19 before driving to her parents’ place in Tuscaloosa. However, Hannah’s dad, Robert Brown, exclusively told Life & Style that the reality pair are “just friends.”

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown Bachelorette date
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“I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together … They’re just like two kids,” Robert explained. “That’s all it is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is they’re friends.”

Hannah and Tyler have both since confirmed their single status and seem to be happy as pals. That doesn’t mean Bachelor Nation won’t still hope for something more!