Unless you live under a literal rock, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve been keeping up with Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance. And whether you ship them or not, you may still be curious about Pete Davidson’s girlfriend history. TBH, it’s a lot more mysterious and low-key than Ariana’s dating history. TBH x 2, anyone’s dating history is a lot more mysterious and low-key than Ariana’s, but we digress.

Before we dive into it, let’s briefly recap! To make a not-so-long story even shorter: Ari and Pete started dating, they posted a lot of cute s–t on Instagram (including matching tattoos), and then they seemingly got engaged — yes, to be married — a couple of weeks later. All caught up? Great, let's keep it movin'.

Pete has had two "major" girlfriends worth noting. The first, being his most recent ex, Cazzie David, and the second, being fellow stand-up comedian, Carly Aquilino.

Cazzie David, 24, is the daughter of Curb Your Enthusiasm star, Seinfeld creator, and all-around Hollywood legend, Larry David. Cazzie and Pete ended things just last month — only a few weeks before he started dating Ariana. Hm, that’s not suspicious or anything.

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The pair dated for roughly two years and looked perfectly happy together. Actually, not going to lie, Cazzie looks miserable in all their pictures together. While Pete has since deleted all record of Cazzie from his social media, she still has all their sweet snapshots together on Instagram.

pete davidson and cazzie david

Cazzie looking miserable with Pete in 2017.

Beyond that, her most recent IG activity seems to show that she’s handling the breakup like a #boss. Good for her! Who knows? Maybe she’s even listening to “No Tears Left To Cry” to cope with the pain.

Just before Cazzie, there was Carly. Too bad Ariana’s name doesn’t begin with a "C"; Pete could have had a really nice pattern going. Anyway, Pete and Carly began dating in 2015 and stayed together for a little less than a year.

Their relationship wasn’t all that noteworthy, however Carly has since commented on her ex’s engagement to Ariana. In an Instagram story, the 27-year-old shared a screenshot of a text conversation — seemingly alluding to Pete’s future nuptials.

carly aquilino ig story

OK, so, what have we learned? Pete generally likes a woman whose name begins with the letter “C” and has some affiliation to the comedy world. He’s also very clearly a serial monogamist, as there was very little "lag between the vag" from Carly to Cazzie and again, from Carly to Ariana.

That said, he looks pretty darn happy with Ari. In fact, their bond over Harry Potter is a lot stronger than anything Kris Humphries had going with Kim Kardashian and look how happy y’all were for them back in the day! In conclusion, don’t be a hater.