Meet your new leading man, Bachelor Nation! It’s officially been announced that Peter Weber, a contestant from Hannah Brown‘s season, is the new Bachelor and we feel like we’re on ~cloud 9.~ Buckle in, because it’s going to be a long season of pilot puns and windmill jokes. Show host Chris Harrison revealed the news during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show and fans are pumped.

“Oh my God, what is this?” Peter said on the show. “It’s still hitting me right now, and I feel so grateful right now to have this opportunity in front of me. This is crazy! This is life changing. I have truly my entire life looked forward to finding my girl. I have had the most amazing example of my parents growing up, and I feel the luckiest kid ever. I saw so much love in my household and 30 some odd years later now, they are that still in love with each other. I want that for myself, I know my brother wants that. I have all the faith in the world that this is going to work for me, and I know it’s going to.”

The 27-year-old is from Westlake Village, California, and definitely made a splash during his time on The Bachelorette. He was one of the top three guys and it seemed like he had a great shot of getting down on one knee during the finale. Unfortunately, the Alabama beauty ended things after their overnight date.

The exes reunited during After the Final Rose, where Peter asked for a bit more closure about what went wrong. “There wasn’t anything wrong,” she admitted to the handsome contestant. “I know that’s probably hard to hear because I wish I could give you a clear, concrete answer, but I truly thought you’d be meeting my family. I really thought you would meet them, but I don’t know if I was falling in love with you, but I was also falling in love for two other guys too. And I woke up that morning, honestly, it was that morning, and I had to follow my heart.”

Hannah added that breaking up with Peter was scary because she was afraid she was letting the “perfect guy” get away, but confessed that she wished he would’ve told her how he felt sooner. Although things didn’t work out for the two of them, it sounds like he definitely learned a few things from the experience.

“For me, this entire journey, I’ve made it a point to always be myself … I wasn’t going to force anything … I was just waiting for the right moment, and I didn’t want to force anything, I wanted it to be organic,” he said. “So, I don’t regret anything.”

Fans are looking forward to a very steamy season after Hannah confessed during the aftershow that she and Peter had sex a whopping four times during their fantasy suite date. Hopefully, he finds that strong of a connection with one of his contestants.

We can’t wait to watch Peter’s journey to find love unfold!