And now they’re inseparable! YouTuber Tana Mongeau revealed to fans she and rumored boyfriend Mod Sun kept their distance from one another when they first met in an adorable TikTok video on May 14.

“Us when we first met,” the 21-year-old captioned the short video of the pair featuring the musician’s track aptly titled “Stay Away,” a collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and Goody Grace. “Us now,” she wrote on the second part of the video as the 33-year-old went in to smooch her on the cheek as she giggled. Talk about an cute duo right there!


hahahahahahahaha go listen to modsun’s song STAY AWAY

♬ Stay Away (feat. Machine Gun Kelly & Goody Grace) – MOD SUN

The MTV starlet’s relationship with the songwriter goes all the way back to when he dated Bella Thorne from summer 2017 to April 2019. Both Tana and Mod were in a polyamorous relationship with the former Disney starlet at the time … but not each other.

It seems as though the dynamic duo stayed friends after the Minnesota native’s split from Bella, 22. “[Mod’s] entire family got me gifts,” Tana gushed on Twitter a few days after Christmas in December 2019. “[BRB] gonna go sob.”

A few short months later, the blonde beauty went on a cross-country tour with the rapper in March just before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Once social distancing was enforced, the pair headed back to Los Angeles to start quarantining together — and that’s when the romance rumors really began.

On April 22, Tana released her new single, “Without You,” and Mod made sure to congratulate her with some steamy PDA. “I helped work on a new song for Tana called ‘Without You,’” he captioned a set of four photos of the potential couple hugging one another — and in one of the pics, the vlogger gave the poet a kiss on the cheek. “We’ve been making music together for [three] years now [and] I always saw in her what I hear in this song. Everyone please go stream it now [and] send her love. Congrats TANA.”

The twosome have snuggled up together on Tana’s Instagram Stories on many occasions while self-isolating but they refuse to comment on their relationship status thus far. Needless to say, it’s the one quarantine question we need answered!