Rachel Recchia’s occupation is similar to past Bachelor Nation leads, and it’s quite impressive. The Bachelorette season 19 star is a commercial pilot and flight instructor and even has her Instagram username dedicated to her profession as @pilot.rachel … step aside, Peter Weber

“Today I got to see Niagara Falls and Canada for the first time!” she captioned her March 2019 Instagram post. “Both from 4,000 ft. Does this count as visiting a new country?” 

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Where Did Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Go to School?

The reality personality received a degree in Aviation from Fritz J. and Delores H. Russ College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio State University in 2021 and has been flying around the world since. 

Who Is Rachel Recchia? Clayton's Bachelor Contestant
Courtesy of Rachel Recchia/Instagram

“When you have to land rwy 7 on your last flight at Kuni,” she captioned her July 2021 Instagram post alongside the hashtags “hire me” and  “who would have thought.”

When Did Rachel Recchia Know She Wanted to Be a Pilot?

The Bachelor alum discussed her profession on the “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” podcast with Natasha Parker, Tia Booth and Mike Johnson in February 2022, revealing that she always had a passion for aircrafts. She referred to flying as “the coolest thing ever” and “always knew” that would be her job, even as a kid.

What Are Rachel Recchia’s Biggest Struggles With Her Job?

During the “Click Bait with Bachelor Nation” interview, Rachel explained that she’s been looked at in a different way than her male colleagues, claiming it to be “tough.”

Not only just women in aviation, but women in any sort of industry where you have to always be working a little bit harder than everyone else to be recognized,” she said while saying she always has to be “a step ahead.”

She even recalled a time during her freshman year of college when a male classmate was surprised that she didn’t drop out of the aviation courses, since she was a female. “You can’t make the same mistakes as everyone else, because if you make them, it’s like, ‘Oh, well, of course Rachel made that mistake,’” she said.

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