Travis Kelce hinted that he will be spending plenty of time with girlfriend Taylor Swift as she performs several international dates of her Eras tour amid football offseason.

The Kansas City Chiefs player, 34, began the Wednesday, May 15, episode of his “New Heights” podcast by explaining that he was in Europe after he attended Taylor’s concert in Paris on May 12. Meanwhile, Travis’ brother and cohost, Jason Kelce, was recording in New York City while participating in Disney’s Upfront presentation.

During the episode, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell popped by to say hello to the brothers. “Looks like Travis is having a rough day, huh?” Roger, 65, joked, while Travis replied, “I’m living the dream, man.”

After Roger noted that his daughters showed him videos of Travis dancing while watching Taylor, 34, perform during her final show in Paris, he asked the Ohio native how he plans to spend the offseason.

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“I’m gonna be dancing around, yeah,” Travis shared. “I’m all over the world this offseason.”

He added, “It’s like the yin to my yang, you know. Football, it keeps me locked in to Kansas City during the season and you know I just gotta fly around and have some fun in the offseason.”

Taylor – who has been dating this NFL star since summer 2023 – kicked off the European leg of her tour on May 9. However, Travis wasn’t able to attend the first three shows because he was in Los Angeles filming his new show, Grotesquerie. Once his schedule cleared up, he was able to attend the “Cruel Summer” singer’s fourth show in Paris with friends Ross Travis, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

While several clips went viral of Travis dancing during the show, he also opened up about the concert during the latest episode of “New Heights.”

“It ​​was fun. It was a blast,” he told Jason, 36. “I had a blast at Tay’s show. Her new rendition of the Eras tour, I suggest everybody go see it. It has her new Tortured Poets Department [set]. A handful of those songs [are] in the new show, which means there’s a new segment and new lights and new dancing, new everything to the f–king show. I suggest everybody get out there and see [it]. It is absolutely unbelievable.”

Travis Kelce Says He'll Be 'All Over the World' Amid Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Football Offseason
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Taylor gave several subtle shout-outs to her boyfriend throughout the show. She pointed out that it was the 87th stop on the Eras tour, which happens to be Travis’ football jersey number. Additionally, Taylor wore red and yellow to represent the Chiefs during the 1989 set. The shout-outs continued when she sang “The Alchemy” as one of the concert’s surprise songs. While Taylor has not confirmed who the track is about, many fans have speculated that Travis served as her inspiration.