On the market! Viewers may be watching Chase Chrisley’s relationship with girlfriend Emmy Medders unfold on season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best, but the pair have since split. Why did they break up? Keep reading for details!

Chase, 25, confirmed to Life & Style in August 2021 that he is “single.” The reality star admitted he and Emmy, 26, played “ping-pong” a bit in their relationship, but they ultimately decided to go their “separate ways.”

“We just thought it would be healthier and better for both of us,” Chase said at the time. “I think that it just came down to we kind of looked at like what we wanted in life, and right now, it’s not matching up.”

There doesn’t appear to be any animosity between the pair. Chase gushed that Emmy is an “amazing woman” and a “great person.” He wished her “nothing but the best” moving forward. 

Chase and Emmy went Instagram official in July 2020, and fans watched the reality star attempt to celebrate his one-year anniversary with the blonde beauty on the September 9 episode of Chrisley Knows Best. Unfortunately, his plans went awry when he couldn’t quite get the date right. 

Chase Chrisley Responds to Rumors He and Girlfriend Emmy Medders Are Engaged: ‘That’s Not Happening’
Courtesy Chase Chrisley/Instagram

Surprisingly, Chase and Emmy have actually known each other for quite some time. “I met her a couple of years ago, but I think that I just had some growing up to do,” the Growing Up Chrisley star previously told Life & Style in 2020. 

The Chase Chrisley Collection creator is open and “looking” for a potential new mate at the moment, but he is also fully enjoying his alone time. “I’ve never had so much peace hanging out by myself,” he said.

However, his next girlfriend will have some big shoes to fill. Chase’s father, Todd Chrisley, adored Emmy and told Life & Style in August 2020 he was “grateful” his son met such a wonderful person. 

“Chase has had s—t for luck when it comes to picking people to date, and I’ve made no bones about the people he dates,” the family patriarch said at the time. “God answered that prayer with Emmy. She is a good, decent, honorable, honest, all-American sweetheart and her family is just literally salt of the Earth. You do not get any better than her family.”