Round 2? Fans were geeked when Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert tried dating during season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, it crashed and burned when the studly contestant fell into a love triangle with the brunette beauty and Danielle Lombard. Surprisingly, they both will be reappearing on season 6 or Paradise. Before they make their triumphant return, relive their demise.

We all watched in horror as Dean strung Kristina along as he started to develop feelings for DLo. The biggest problem was that he wasn’t able to be honest with both of them. The Russian beauty fell hard and was devastated by Dean’s confusion. She ended up quitting three weeks in while Dean and Danielle split the following week.

KRISTINA SCHULMAN bachelor in paradise
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kristina and Dean were able to revive their friendship after the season wrapped. “Kristina’s great. You know, her and I had to sit down and talk to each other and hopefully there’s a time that we can figure it out and see what happens from there,” he told Us Weekly at the time. “But we’re just for now casually talking and seeing if there’s anything there.”

The contestant from Rachel Lindsay‘s season has since admitted that he definitely didn’t handle the situation as well as he could’ve. “I put my foot in my mouth every chance I possibly get. I probably will do it many, many, many more times,” he dished during the July 16 episode of his podcast “Help! I Suck at Dating” with Jared Haibon and Vanessa Grimaldi.

Wells Adams and Dean Unglert

One major change he made this go-around is that he “stayed completely sober the entire time.”

We can’t wait to see Dean’s appearance, considering he previously called all the relationships from the franchise “fake.” He confessed that he’s now in a much better frame of mind. “I think that was coming off a heated moment and I learned some things I didn’t like. I was beside myself and I was upset; I was venting and I was being extreme and radical because of those things,” he explained.

Good luck, you guys!