A Grammys Problem: Why Rihanna, Pink and Others May Have Wardrobe Issues

Rihanna pink grammys

Rihanna and Pink, listen up! The Grammys has just gotten a bit tamer.

If some of Hollywood's most notorious scandalous stars show up to the Grammys wearing anything revealing, they may just be turned away!

CBS has issued an advisory to all talent asking them to please be cautious of their attire on Feb. 10. In the memo, obtained by Deadline.com, it asks for anyone attending to "please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered." And that's not all. "Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic."

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They also please ask to avoid wearing any sheer see-through clothing that "could possibly expose female breast nipples." It gets better. "Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible 'puffy' bare skin exposure."

Along with making sure everyone looks classy, stars should also keep obscenities off their wardrobe. "Foreign language on wardrobe will need to be cleared," the statement says, adding, "The Network requests that any organized cause visibly spelled out on talent's wardrobe be avoided."

Well, as we all know, the Grammy red carpet is a place where celebrities rarely look quiet. And the performances sometimes follow suit. So which stars do we think may have trouble abiding by these rules? Find out below:

She's never one to shy away from flaunting her figure! In 2011, the beauty wore a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier dress that didn't leave much to the imagination. That same night, her sexy performance with Drake also made headlines when the singer wore a see-through fringe top. The very next year, she showed off her curves in a very slinky and low-cut black custom Giorgio Armani gown. Something tell us this rule-breaker isn't going to let a memo keep her from wearing what she wants!

Jennifer Lopez
She may be 43-years-old, but we wouldn't expect J.Lo to tame down her look. She first made Grammy headlines in 2000 on the arm of P. Diddy. Who can forget that green, see-through and low-cut Versace gown? “It didn’t seem that out there to me,” the former American Idol judge has said about the risqué outfit. “It was a good-looking dress. I had no idea it was going to become such a big deal.” Fast-forward 11 years, and J.Lo caught attention AGAIN on the carpet when she wore an extremely short Emilio Pucci number. But hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

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On the CBS memo? A picture of Pink's 2010 performance! She even tweeted about it, "hahaha love that they used my pic." The singer's number wowed the crowd, but it was her outfit that caught the most attention. Wearing a sheer body-suit wrapped in ribbons, the mom definitely had no issue showing off her fit and toned bad. And who can blame her?! Just like Rihanna, we have a feeling this lady's not going down without a fight on Sunday!

Last year, Josh Duhamel's leading lady didn't mind showing the world her fit and fab bod! The songstress rocked a see-through lacy Jean Paul Gaultier couture gown. The reason why everyone couldn't stop staring? Her matching black bra and underwear were on full display. Fergie called her outfit choice "the safe one." So we can only imagine the alternative one.

Lady Gaga
Need we say more?

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