Taylor Swift loves a romantic gesture! The “Anti-Hero” singer gushed about boyfriend Travis Kelce serenading her during the Super Bowl afterparty in a now viral moment.

“It was the most romantic thing ever,” Taylor, 34, said in a video posted via X on Wednesday, February 14, after Travis, 34, sang “You Belong With Me” to her from across the room when the DJ surprised the crowd with the song.

In the clip, model Marianne Fonseca and Chainsmokers musician Drew Taggart approached Taylor to discuss the sweet moment she shared with Travis. “I love how [Travis] just came very quickly when your song was on,” Marianne, 34, said. “It was so cute!”

The party was held at a Las Vegas club after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers during the championship game on February 11. The victory marked Travis’ third time winning at the Super Bowl, while Taylor made sure to cheer on her man in a suite.

Travis’ serenading was not the only sweet moment between the pair that went viral from the evening. While the couple – who confirmed their romance in September 2023 – packed on the PDA when Taylor joined Travis on the field after the game, they also shared a cute exchange.

“How do you not have jet lag right now?” the Ohio native asked Taylor on the field, who attended the game after performing four concerts in Japan. She humorously responded, “Jet lag is a choice.”

Travis also made sure Taylor knew he appreciated that she made it to the game despite her busy schedule. “Thank you for coming, baby,” he told her as they embraced. “Thank you.”

The tight end continued to discuss the game during the Wednesday, February 14, episode of his “New Heights” podcast, while his brother, Jason Kelce, revealed what it was like to watch in the same suite as the “Now That We Don’t Talk” singer.

“Turns out everyone wants to meet Taylor,” Jason, 36, explained, adding that NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal “came in the suite.”

Taylor Swift Says Being Serenaded by Travis Kelce Is 'Most Romantic Thing' That Ever Happened to Her
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

He added that the experience was his “first understanding of some of the things that she has to deal with.”

“Because there’s a lot of star-studded people there and it’s like, ‘Dude, everyone wants to come see her but the suite’s only so big.’ It was overwhelming to be honest with you,” Jason continued. “I was going outside the suite; I was talking to Keegan-Michael Key and his wife and a bunch of people. The celebrity attendance at the game was pretty unreal.”

Travis then assured his older brother that his girlfriend was just fine with the attention. “Taylor thrives in those situations. She’s been in them countless times in her life,” he said.