The Most Awkward Hometown Dates in Bachelor Nation History Will Have You Cringing for Days

Is a bad hometown date the kiss of death for Bachelor Nation couples? The top four contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette get the coveted opportunity to bring the lead home to meet their families in the city where they live, but the meetings don’t always go according to plan. From pissed-off family members to ex-boyfriends and girlfriends
, hometown dates can get downright awkward. We’ve included some of the worst ever, below!

A horrible hometown date doesn’t necessarily guarantee an immediate ticket home (although only two of the people on this list ended up winning their season). One of the worst hometown dates in recent memory belonged to Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller. While their relationship was a rollercoaster throughout the season, things reached a head when Victoria brought Peter to meet her family in Virginia Beach and he ran into an ex-girlfriend before dinner.

The ex, named Marissa, told Peter she runs in the same circles as Victoria and accused the brunette beauty of breaking up multiple marriages. Peter wanted to ask her about the accusations and clear the air before dinner with her parents, but she had a full-on meltdown when he brought it up and Peter ended up leaving before ever making it inside the house.

While it seemed obvious that Victoria would be sent home since hers was the only family Peter didn’t meet, he ended up keeping her another week and sending Kelsey Weier home instead. Unfortunately, Victoria was eliminated after making the top three. Luckily, Peter found love post-show with Kelley Flanagan after trying and failing with his top two, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. However, he and Kelley, split eight months later

In some ways, Victoria and Peter may have been lucky that he didn’t make it inside the home because that seems to be where the real awkwardness happens. Some stars, like Colton Underwood and Sean Lowe, were forced to stomach tense interactions with their contestants’ disapproving family members, while others, like Ali Fedotowsky and Jason Mesnick, endured bizarre experiences like a basement full of taxidermied animals and a funeral for a dead bird.

Scroll through the gallery below for the worst Bachelor Nation hometown dates ever!