Chill! Tyler Cameron responded to fans who were making too much of a fuss over his “joke” about The Bachelorette and being “second prize” to Hannah Brown. The exes have rekindled their friendship and spent more than two weeks quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic at the male model’s home in Florida. So, it’s safe to say he meant no shade by the post. 

The 27-year-old shared a photo on April 15 of a Community Chest Monopoly card that read, “You have won second prize in a beauty contest. Collect $10.” He captioned the picture on Twitter, “LOL, been there, done that.” Tyler was the runner-up during season 15 in lieu of Jed Wyatt

Some followers didn’t find as much humor in the post. “Don’t regret your words. They can hurt deeper than you think,” someone responded. “[Hannah Brown], what [you] got [to] say?” another person wrote while tagging the Alabama native, 25. “Have you watched the movie Frozen? Let that s—t go, dude,” a separate user slammed. 

“It’s a joke, guys … it’s not that deep,” Tyler quipped in response to the shade he was receiving. 

Although fans kept their fingers crossed for the former flames to get back together, it seems as though things are strictly platonic between them for now. Hannah confirmed her single status and the fact that she’s not ready for kids yet during an Instagram Live on April 14. 

“A lot of my friends have babies and they are the best moms, but I couldn’t imagine,” the starlet divulged. “I’m not ready for that just yet. I mean, I could be. If something happened, absolutely, I could be. But I’m still trying to figure out my life and how it’s changed … Also, you have to have a significant other for that, and I don’t.”

Hannah’s dad, Robert Brown, also exclusively dished to Life & Style that the former beauty queen and Florida native are “just friends,” despite what it may look like on social media. “I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together … They’re just like two kids,” he explained in March 2020. “That’s all it is to it. Nothing more, nothing less. People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is they’re friends.”

Whatever happens between Tyler and Hannah, we’re here for it!