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Celebrity Moms Open Up About Their Kids Getting Plastic Surgery: Nose Jobs, Lip Injections, More

Keeping it candid! Many celebrity moms, including Real Housewives stars Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Teresa Giudice, have opened up about their own kids getting plastic surgery — from nose jobs to lip fillers.

Kim’s eldest daughter, Brielle Biermann, decided to plump her pout with lip injections, and it was actually her mom who helped her select which doctor to go to. 

“Brielle was very insecure about her lips, I heard about it forever,” Kim previously told Andy Cohen, noting that she won’t let her kids do “anything” to their faces until they become legal adults. “And when she turned 18, she was like, I’m doing it. And I was like, well, I’m going to take you to the best, I’m not going to let you go to somebody who’s not good.”

In 2016, after tweaking her appearance, Brielle had a very clear message for haters who disapproved of her lip fillers. “To those who think I’ve ‘ruined’ my face. I love it keep it comin’,” she captioned a photo of herself giving the finger to the camera. 

That being said, Brielle has shut down plenty of speculation about getting other procedures, including a nose job and augmenting her butt.

“My favorite thing is when people accuse me of having my nose done when I indeed have never. I was just blessed with this perfect nose and all these hoes are mad about it,” the starlet wrote via Twitter in April 2020. She also previously credited her cleavage to a “really good bra.”

That being said, her celebrity mama admitted she feels a bit protective of her mini-me. “I get irritated when they come for Brielle,” Kim previously told People. “I think people have calmed down about the nose — Brielle has not had a nose job.”

Brielle clearly gets her candidness from her mom, who also has not held back when it comes to what she’s exactly had done. 

“I’ve done my lips, I like Botox. I’ve gotten Botox from 23 [and] on for migraines, so I’ve done it most of my life,” Kim said. “I had a major hernia after my twins, so I had to have it repaired regardless, and they do it the same way almost as a tummy tuck, so I said you might as well do the repair, and I mean it was covered by insurance and the whole nine yards … I’m open.”

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