Lots of love! Matt James gushed over Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and her brother Patrick’s hilarious cooking video following the reality babe leaving Tyler Cameron’s house in Florida. Hannah spent more than two weeks with her ex and became surprisingly close with Tyler’s NYC roommate in the process. 

“Chef Patrick,” Matt, 28, commented with a laughing and hand-raising emoji on the 25-year-old’s video of herself and brother baking snickerdoodle cookies. “They need more flour!” Matt wrote while quoting Patrick with a skull emoji. 

Matt James Gushes Over Hannah Brown and Brother Patrick Cooking Video

Fans also loved the siblings’ goofy video. “She’s the most endearing, most hilarious, most wonderful woman alive right now,” one commenter gushed. “Thank you for being so unapologetically you … You’re such an inspiration,” someone else added. “Give the Browns their own TV show,” another user begged.

The former leading lady’s younger brother overdosed on March 1 and spent two days on a ventilator before doctors started noticing improvements, he revealed on Instagram. Life & Style exclusively spoke with Hannah and Patrick’s dad, Robert Brown, who said that his son is “doing well.”

“He’s had a whole life change,” the reality dad added about him. It seems as though it was a positive change because Patrick looked to be in good spirits while baking at home with his sister. 

Hannah headed back to Tuscaloosa on April 1 to “ride this thing out” with her family, Matt revealed on TikTok. Despite the future Bachelorette contestant previously shading the Alabama beauty after her split from Tyler, 27, on season 15, the former beauty queen revealed that they’ve become “two peas in a pod.” The unexpected pair have shared tons of videos together, including playing twenty questions and playfully teasing each other

Hannah Brown and Matt James
Courtesy of Jacob Laham/Instagram

Although Hannah and Tyler seem to be in a perfect position to start dating again, Robert said the former flames are “just friends” these days. “I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together … They’re just like two kids,” he explained. “That’s all it is to it. Nothing more, nothing less … People want to read into whatever they want to read into, and we can’t stop that. But the reality is they’re friends.”

The exes may be platonic, but it looks like Hannah found another great pal in Matt!