We’re shook! Vanderpump Rules fans everywhere speculated about the juicy secret that would be revealed in the last five minutes of the season 10 reunion. Prior to the air date, executive producer Alex Baskin said it was a bombshell so big that it would make some cast members consider not returning for Vanderpump Rules season 11. But what did it end up being? Keep reading to learn everything that came to be during part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion. 

What Was the Big Reveal on ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Speculation was rampant, and according to multiple reports prior to the air date, the big secret had to do with Raquel Leviss, Tom Sandoval and the actual timing of their affair. In one teaser clip, Raquel was asked by a producer if she was “ready to tell the truth,” leading many to believe that she would address when her dalliance with Tom really began.

When the episode finally aired, and Raquel cleared the air in the last five minutes, she revealed that she and Tom slept together for the second time in Mexico while attending Scheana Shay‘s wedding to Brock Davies and continued to sleep together for the duration of the trip. Moreover, Raquel admitted that she asked Sandoval if she and Ariana could be in a throuple with him, but it was determined Ariana wouldn’t go for that.

As far as her sleeping with Tom in his shared home with Ariana, namely following the death of Ariana’s grandmother, Raquel suggested that they did.

Ahead of Raquel’s bombshell admission, James Kennedy added fuel to the fire when he posted about the third part of the reunion on his Instagram, as he got a screener and watched the episode before it hit the air.

“Just watched Part 3 of this reunion, and let me just tell you…,” Kennedy said, adding, “Like, if you were thinking that you were like over it, or your ready to forgive anyone, OK? Just watch tomorrow and I swear you’re going to get shot right back to square one.”

Ahead of the reunion premiere on May 24, Baskin teased to Variety that the reunion would include a major reveal between the cast members that could affect their future with VPR. The cast filmed the reunion back in March and are currently on a filming break before starting season 11 production this summer.

“The reunion is not just a recap of what you know, and it’s not just an intense version of the emotions,” Baskin shared. “There is new information. … I will put it this way: There are revelations, and they are revelations that not all of them know now. So we need a little space.”

The first part of the reunion did include some tense moments. There was a near-physical altercation between James andSandoval, and Sandoval tearfully apologized to Ariana Madix for cheating on her with Raquel. Ariana was having none of it as she responded coldly, “I think he’s f–king full of s–t and he can f–k off.”

Life & Style confirmed in early March that Ariana and Sandoval had broken up after nine years together. It was revealed that Sandoval had been cheating on Ariana with Raquel, and Ariana caught them by finding a sexually explicit video from Raquel on Sandoval’s phone. The affair and its aftermath have become known as Scandoval.

Part two of the reunion aired on May 31 and part three aired on June 7, with the uncensored version being available on Peacock on June 8. 

During a June 13 episode of SiriusXM, Andy revealed that one moment was cut from the final version of the reunion finale. 

When responding to a question on whether he asked Raquel about the speech Ariana made for her prior to discovering the cheating scandal, Andy confirmed that he “asked [Raquel] in [their] one-on-one,” but the scene “didn’t make the cut.” 

“And I asked her when we were all there and I asked Ariana about it.” 

Since the former pageant queen was attacked viciously by her cast members during the finale, Andy noted, “She took it all on the chin like a champ, and those people all had stuff to say to her and they were relentless and she just sat there and took it.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Secret: Is Raquel Leviss Pregnant?

Perhaps the biggest theory surrounding Vanderpump Rules in the wake of Scandoval is that Raquel is pregnant with Sandoval’s child. After their affair went public in March, Vanderpump Rules revealed that Raquel “turned off her phone” and seemingly disappeared for a while. Rumors circulated that Raquel was in hiding to keep her pregnancy a secret. However, Baskin denied the pregnancy rumors in an interview with Page Six in late May.

“The pregnancy one was wild,” he said of the theory. “She’s not pregnant by the way.”

Did Lisa Vanderpump Know About Tom Sandoval’s Affair With Raquel Leviss?

Another popular guess for the Vanderpump Rules secret was that Lisa Vanderpump knew about Sandoval and Raquel’s relationship long before it went public. However, Lisa denied those rumors herself in a tweet on May 27.

“Ok … no I didn’t know … until a minute before you all did … I wish I would’ve tho. #pumprules,” she wrote.

Lisa also kept fans on the edge of their seats by tweeting, “I know the revelation … but it ain’t that.”

Was Scandoval Staged?

A huge bombshell would have been the reveal that at least part of Scandoval was staged or edited in a way to amp up the drama and raise ratings. Many fans wondered if Vanderpump Rules producers knew about Raquel and Sandoval’s affair and didn’t tell the rest of the cast. Producer James Markham squashed these rumors with a series of comments on an Instagram post, as shared in a screenshot by user allabouttrh on April 30.

“It’s a lot of work but I love what I do and feel so honored to be a part of something so amazing. It’s not all fake. I have genuine connections and relationships with the cast. I love them all,” Markham wrote. 

When a fan accused him of knowing about Scandoval before the affair went public, Markham added, “I swear on my life, we had zero idea! This was not a publicity thing for the show. Were there things that made us go hmm? And question? Yes! But the footage you’ve been watching is the reality we filmed. We were all shocked when we got the news about what was really going on.”

Since the entire cast was blown away by the affair revelations, Daily Mail reported that Raquel actually has even more to say, with a source telling the outlet, “Raquel looks forward to sharing her story with the unfiltered truth when she comes out [of the mental health rehabilitation facility].”