The Most Awkward ‘Bachelor’ Fantasy Suite Dates Ever — Hannah Brown, Peter Weber, More

While the fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are supposed to be filled with romance and physical connection, they sometimes take a very uncomfortable or dramatic turn.

One major awkward situation came when the Bachelor Nation producers turned up the heat during season 24 by having the final three of Peter Weber’s final contestants — Madison PrewettHannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller — all live together while each woman had their own overnight date.

This idea was propelled by production wanting to create an “uncomfortable zone” for Madi, former host Chris Harrison previously explained when asked why the Alabama native was bunking with Hannah Ann and Victoria ahead of the season finale. 

Madi is a virgin, who holds her faith very close, and her expectations for Peter included him not being intimate with anyone else. However, she had not shared that with the pilot, and the producers thought turning up the heat with Hannah Ann and Victoria present would help move things along.

“There are things that we do as producers that will force you into this uncomfortable zone and force you into making a decision,” Chris explained on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast at the time. “Sometimes we do it for your behalf; sometimes we do it for the guys or the girls. This situation was pretty extraordinary because Peter had kicked the can down the road but also, this time Madison had. And so this was to force a situation that had to happen, and it had to happen this week.”

Madison did express her thoughts and feelings to Peter, but he ended up getting intimate with his other contestants during their overnight dates. He and Madi gave their relationship another go after the season wrapped — and the leading man broke things off with former fiancée Hannah Ann — but they ultimately went their separate ways for good in March 2020.

Not every awkward moment happens on camera. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky exclusively told Life & Style she had an escape plan for her overnight date with runner-up Chris Lambton

“I had the producer call the room to say that they needed me so I could leave,” Ali, who went on to get engaged to ex-fiancé Roberto Martinez, admitted about her not-so-fantasy suite date with Chris. “So, I didn’t spend the night. But, that wasn’t played on the show. Nobody knew that.”

She added, “For me, you know, I only had one real overnight date … You sleep with the person. You do. I know a lot of past Bachelors and Bachelorettes sleep with every single person. All three. I did not. I only did with one, but I know that there are people who do.”

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