Hugh Jackman Admits That He Sometimes Wears His Wolverine Costume During Sex with Wife Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh jackman wolverine bed

Hugh Jackman admits that he sometimes wears his Wolverine costume to bed.

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Lots of people would love the chance to go to bed with Wolverine - but Hugh Jackman's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, actually gets to!

During a promotional interview for his flick The Wolverine, Hugh joked that he sometimes wears his full X-Men character costume - including the blades - during sex. "The sheets we go through..." he teased. Continuing the joke, Hugh claimed that he also sports the outfit around the house, particularly when he is chopping vegetables for a salad.

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Maybe he can also get into tree art a la Johnny Depp's character in Edward Scissorhands?

On a more serious note, Hugh credits Deborra-Lee for being a huge force in his career and his life. The Australian couple, who have two children, have been married since 1996 - an eternity in Hollywood.

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"I would not be a quarter of the man I am without her," he said.

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