Bethenny Frankel Talks Messy Divorce: "I'm Trying to Find My Identity as a Single Mom"

Bethenny Frankel talks about her divorce from Jason Hoppy.

Bethenny Frankel talks about her divorce from Jason Hoppy.


Divorce isn't easy on anyone, and Bethenny Frankel is well aware of that.

The Skinnygirl creator promoted her latest book Skinnygirl Solutions in Huntington, N.Y. on Thursday and was met by about a hundred of adoring fans. In typical Bethenny fashion, she was very open with the crowd and even addressed how she's coping with single life.

"I'm trying to find my identity as a single mom - a soon to be divorced mom," said Bethenny, who filed for divorce from her husband of less than three years, Jason Hoppy, earlier this year. The pair share a daughter, 3-year-old Bryn. "I was married, and now I'm single. I think we're always trying to find who were are, so it's evolving."

Bethenny and Jason are currently in a nasty custody battle over the tot.

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She also admitted, "Not until I became a mom and also going through a divorce did I realize how we're all kind of hanging on by a thread."

Bethenny, who rocked a navy spaghetti strap top, black skirt and two silver bangles on her right arm, also dished on her little angel Bryn.

"She's great. She's really sweet. She's a good, nice girl," the proud mama happily shared. "She's like a pink strawberry princess. Everything's fairy dust, and I live for it: the cheesiest, glitteriest, pinkest...rhinestones. She makes me more girly. I love that."

A guest at the event tells Life & Style that the talk show host looked nothing short of amazing.

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"Her body is super toned. Her arms are slender with muscle definitions. She has a flat tummy and has absolutely not an inch of fat, a bulge, or any indication of a stomach," the eyewitness said. "...she is clearly taking care of herself - maybe even for someone special!"

In a new interview with Nightline, the 42-year-old also discusses her divorce, saying, "I'm going through a brutal, brutal time. It really, really is. I mean, there's no other way to slice it."

And she admits she felt like she was letting people down by deciding to go through with the split.

"I felt like I disappointed people, because I felt like I was this role model, that represented the fairy tale," she told Nightline. "I'm definitely bruised."

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But Bethenny, who found massive success on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City followed by two spin-offs Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, doesn't regret allowing cameras to capture the rise and fall of her relationship.

"I could have skated by," says the brunette. "I could have stayed on the show and been like, 'Oh, everything's perfect with us. Everything's great.' It made me feel dirty for people to think that I had this perfect relationship and this perfect life."

Bethenny's self-titled syndicated daytime talk show is set to air Sept. 9 on Fox.

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