"I Want Four!": Chrissy Teigen Eager to Start Having Babies With John Legend — Read Our Q&A

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Mega babe, model…and soon-to-be mom?

Chrissy Teigen — aka the most hilarious person to follow on Twitter — opened up to Life & Style about life with husband John Legend and revealed the pair are definitely thinking about having children (four to be exact!) in the future.

Chrissy Teigen

While at the London Fog Designer’s Collection event in NYC on March 4, she also spilled the beans about being starstruck at the Oscars (ah hem, Angelina Jolie), her hilarious mistake while live-tweeting the show and so much more.

Read our full interview with the 28-year-old beauty below:

What keeps the romance alive?
Distance all the time. We're constantly traveling. He's always somewhere, so it's cool to be like, ‘Okay. do you want to meet in Dallas?’ That's what keeps it going honestly.

Are you guys good with Skype and all that?
No! I hate talking on the phone. I refuse to talk on the phone actually. I don't talk to anybody on the phone. No one I work with. It's very frustrating for them. I only email. I don't talk to John for more than 40 seconds on the phone, so a lot of text messaging and Skype if he's gone for a week or so.

What's your favorite city to meet in?
Sometimes it's just geography, but there are definitely cities I love going to, so if he's there I will fly to. I'll fly to Chicago in a heartbeat. I love Chicago. I love Atlanta. I love DC.

Let's talk children, are kids something you want to have?
Oh, yeah. I'm very open about that. John is going to be a wonderful father. He's such a wonderful uncle. He has lots of nieces and nephews and he's so great with them.

When would you like to?
If it happened two years ago, I would have wanted them two years ago. But now looking back I'm like, whoa, thank goodness because this would be exhausting now, but I want a bunch, so if it happens it happens. I'm ready.

So any time now?
Yes. I've been ready and if there's anyone in the world who deserves to be a father, it's him.

And talk about a built-in lullaby machine!
Oh gosh I know. He's going to be singing all the time.

Do you see yourself being a natural mom?
I just hope I don't change. You know how people become mothers and you kind of lose your friends? Like now they have this baby they love more. I'm going to keep it real. I'm not going to pretend my baby is like the top 90th percentile or something. I'm not going to pretend that my baby is a genius or that my baby is the most beautiful. Come on. Those are the craziest parents.

How many?
Everyone says that once you have one ,I'll change my mind, but I would love to have four. I come from a very small family. I think I'm the last one with this name, so I would love to have four, but we'll see after one. One might kill me.

Let’s talk about the Oscars. You were sitting so close to Angelina Jolie, right?
I was so close to her and I was so captivated by her.

Do you feel like an outsider?
Yes. 100%.

But you're sitting beside Angelina Jolie for a reason!
No, I'm totally not in that world. I actually get scared every year, like, are we going to get invited back? Going to the Vanity Fair Party is amazing. It's a major thing and I'm always terrified that they're not going to have me back. It's very cool, but we're definitely outsiders. Even John. John is on a way bigger level than me and he feels like an outsider, too.

What was your favorite part?
Ellen DeGeneres did such a fantastic job. I watch the Oscars ever year and it always seems very long and this felt so perfect. It had just the right amount of snarkiness and playfulness.

Did you eat any of the famous pizza?
Not when Brad and Angelina were handing out the pizza. Saved it for later.

Your twitter was so funny!
You know that Twitter likes to make fun of anything! My phone was blowing up and I was like, what did I say? Oh sht, literally.**

(She made a crappy — pun intended — typo that led to a really funny misunderstanding…which led to her giving all the A-listers defecation-inspired names — i.e. “Bradley Pooper” and “Leonardo DiCraprio”)

You rolled with it pretty nicely.
(Laughs) I was just looking around the room and making everyone have poop names.

You always seem to approach these things from an "outsider" point of view.
Yeah. I am though. I don't deserve to be sitting at the Oscars!

With reporting by Darla Murray.

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