Clare Crawley fell fast for fiancé Dale Moss on The Bachelorette, but they were actually “in some sort of contact” prior to filming, an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. See all the season spoilers, here. 

“Clare did reach out to him prior to him leaving again for filming. He had left originally in March and then production stopped,” continues the insider. Production for season 16 was delayed four months amid the coronavirus pandemic but picked back up again in July. “I think his intentions for going on the show are just to give it a try,” adds the source.

Clare Crawley 'Reached Out' to Fiance Dale Moss Before Bachelorette Clare Crawley Wears Pink Tank Top and Leggings Dale Wears Grey Sweater
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In the October 13 premiere, Clare claims she didn’t talk to any of the contestants before the show, and that only one reached out. “I didn’t want to bring this up, but there are these weird rules that we have to follow for the show of not contacting somebody, and you were the only guy who reached out to me the entire time,” the hairdresser told Blake Moynes, who reached out to see if she was okay as her mom was in and out of the hospital. “So, you broke the rule that you’re not supposed to contact somebody.” While she claimed to appreciate it, she insists she couldn’t answer.

Clare certainly didn’t let on that she’d met or spoken to Dale before. When he walked away after greeting her from the limo, she seemed immediately stuck by the hunk and even said “I definitely feel like I just met my husband.”

Still, Clare and Dale having a few months to get to know each other off-camera would be a perfect explanation for their rapid relationship timeline — and a few social media clues, like Clare’s De Facto Salon following the stud on Instagram.

Life & Style confirmed on July 30 the Sacramento native, 39, threatened to quit the show because she had “fallen in love” with the former football player, 31, just 12 days into filming. The leading lady left the crew “blindsided” when “she told producers she no longer wanted to participate in the show” and “refused to come out of her room,” an insider said at the time. A few days later, talk among production says he popped the question to the hairstylist. 

“He was very excited to go on the show. He felt it was a good opportunity for growth and to meet somebody … I know he’s definitely looking for a serious relationship,” the source explains about the contestant. “He’s definitely a lovable guy. He’s open for anything and everything. He goes into things with an open heart and anything that comes [from] it, he’s cool with.”

ABC Shares Cryptic ‘Bachelorette’ Promo Amid Tayshia News
Courtesy Clare Crawley/Instagram; Courtesy Tayshia Adams/Instagram

The surprising twist between Clare and Dale left producers “scrambling to figure out what to do.” Life & Style exclusively revealed Bachelor in Paradise alum Tayshia Adams would step in as the new Bachelorette. The plan is to “match” the former contestant from Colton Underwood’s season, 29, with the remaining guys. “Execs hope the guys will still want to participate,” despite the hiccup in the season. “It took them time to test them all for COVID and they’ve already been quarantined at the resort for 14 days,” added the insider. 

We’re glad Clare found her guy after all!