Khloe: Blurs the Boss-Employee Lines

Khloé Kardashian runs her household with military precision. “I am really strict. I’m very militant with how I parent,” she’s said. “I believe a schedule saves everything.” But she’s also extremely loving — and not just with her kids with ex Tristan Thompson, 32, daughter True, 5, and son Tatum, 14 months.

“Khloé treats her staff like family — they are all super close,” explains a Life ​& Style exclusive source. “She’s always had this generous, inclusive personality, but when it comes to taking care of the people who watch your children, she can’t do enough for them. She sees [her two nannies] as the kids’ extended family.”

And family comes first for Khloé, 39. “She gives the most insane bonuses around the holidays. Meanwhile, on vacations, she’s not booking them hotel rooms that are any less than what she’s booking herself,” says the source. “When they’re with her, they get everything she gets!”

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Me-Time Matters

Despite all the support she has, Khloé remains a hands-on mom. “She’ll get up with her kids in the night and gets them ready in the morning,” says the source. “The only non-negotiable time for her is when she’s working out. She tries to do that really early, but it’s why she needs live-in help.

Kim: Spoils Her Kids and Staff

She claimed she doesn’t want to spoil her children. “I worry about giving my kids too much. We don’t do gifts. They have to really earn it,” Kim Kardashian, 42, once said of one way she tries to keep the four offspring she shares with ex-husband Kanye West, 46 — North 10, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4 — grounded. 

That’s seemingly all talk, though. “Kim definitely spoils them,” confirms our source, explaining that, for example, “if one of them is into space, she’ll look into taking them to NASA headquarters. She has the means to provide really cool things, and they’re good kids.”

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Rewards for Hard Work 

Kim is generous with the people who care for them, as well. The billionaire — who pays her nannies (she’s had as many as six at one time) a reported $100,000 a year and requires employees to wear neutral hues that coordinate with her “Zen” home decor — “is always offering the staff things that are sent to her or that she doesn’t need anymore,” says the source. “She even regularly regifts pricey jewelry.” While Kim is “a great employer,” adds the source, “she works a lot — like 14 to 16-hour days, especially when filming, and she schedules her day to make the most of it, so that means her nannies are working very long hours.”

Kourtney: Chaos Rules at Her Mansion

Kourtney Kardashian made a big deal of briefly stepping back from her family’s reality show a few years ago so she could “spend more time as a mom” to kids Mason, 13, Penelope, 11, and Reign, 8, with ex Scott Disick, 40. But while Kourtney, 44, who’s currently expecting a son with husband Travis Barker, 47, “acts as if she is the most hands-on mother, she has a staff,” shares a source, “and actually goes through nannies pretty frequently.”

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Sibling Kim hinted as much in 2021 — telling Kourtney, “You can’t even keep a nanny!” The eldest Kardashian either fires them or “they get fed up with her children misbehaving and quit,” says the source, noting Kourtney “isn’t big on discipline or rules (or bedtimes) so her home is full of chaos most days.” “Her sisters are always mocking her for having a new caretaker every month!”

Out of Touch

According to the source, Kourtney’s three kids “rule the house” — but their mom can also be pretty demanding. “Kourtney drives everyone insane,” says the source, recalling a time when the Poosh lifestyle website founder and her brood were on vacation in Hawaii. “She sent her nanny to an out-of- the-way health food store to get specific ingredients to make the kids breakfast. She has no regard for how ridiculous her asks can be — it’s like she lives on her own planet.”