All the Things Sofia Richie’s Mom Diane Alexander and Dad Lionel Richie Have Said About Scott Disick

Since Sofia Richie and Scott Disick began dating in 2017, her mom, Diane Alexander, and her dad, Lionel Richie, haven’t been shy about sharing their thoughts on the relationship. While the model’s parents may not always have agreed with her choice to date the older man, one thing’s for sure: Scott and Sofia are the real deal.

That was especially clear when Scott went to rehab for six days to focus on his mental health in April. Like always, the blonde beauty was there for him, proving how supportive she is of her beau.

“Sofia is very patient with Scott and she saw that he was struggling,” a source exclusively told Life & Style in May. “Sofia told him she’d be home waiting for him as soon as he got back. Of course, she didn’t know he’d be back right away. Sofia just wants Scott to be healthy, whether she’s dating him or not.”

Prior to Scott seeking help, he and Sofia were quarantining together. In fact, their relationship was thriving during the lockdown. “They’re both so appreciative to be healthy and have each other during this,” another source exclusively told Life & Style in April. “There is zero drama in their relationship right now.”

Another insider divulged that the downtime brought the pair “closer” together. They would bond over watching movies and having one on one time, which was unusual for them. “They’re definitely not used to spending this much time together without Sofia’s friends or Sofia going back and forth to her [dad] or her mom’s house,” the source shared.

One major factor of Scott and Sofia’s strong bond is how well she gets along with his three childrenMason, Penelope and Reign. Scott shares his kids with ex Kourtney Kardashian, who also approves of Sofia.

“He’s seen how amazing she is with his children,” a third source exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “They just adore her, and there’s not a doubt in his mind that she’ll make a fantastic mother.”

How could you not love these two together?

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