Plot twist! Love Is Blind season 4 star Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze were one of the season’s frontrunners – but they ended up calling it quits before making it to the aisle. Now, the dental assistant is seemingly giving love another chance with Josh Demas, whom she also had a deep connection with in the pods. Keep reading to be guided into Jackie, Marshall and Josh’s full love triangle relationship drama.

Who Did Jackie Bonds Get Engaged to in the Pods?

Jackie was torn between Marshall and Josh in the pods. As time went on and the countdown to proposals loomed in, she chose to continue her relationship with Marshall, which led to an engagement.

The pair had a lovely reveal and the marketing manager even admitted that their first kiss was “the best moment” of his life. Although viewers didn’t see deep-rooted issues between them, Jackie and Marshall hit a few low points in their relationship – including her breakdown when they left the pods and went to Mexico.

Why Did Love Is Blind’s Jackie and Marshall Split?

The Netflix stars reached their breaking point after they experienced an off-camera fight where Jackie made Marshall feel like he “wasn’t man enough.”

Love Is Blind Season 4 Still Together

Fans saw Marshall return to their shared townhome after staying at his apartment to cool off and not “blow up” after their fight during episode 9. Shockingly, he came home to Jackie packing her clothing to leave.

After she exposed that they “don’t have sex” and she suggested he be more “aggressive” in the bedroom, the confrontation really blew up when Mashall called her a “project.”

“I said project. F–king emotions are going but what I saw in you was limitless potential and I know I can be that person to bring that out of you,” he told Jackie during the heated exchange. “I don’t see you as a project, I can see you as someone I can uplift and empower.”

After their fight during the following episode, the two went to costar Chelsea Griffin’s birthday party where Josh was in attendance which stirred the pot. The project manager told Marshall he was going to “steal his girl” and wasn’t lying as he pulled Jackie from a private conversation, declaring his love for her.

Although Jackie went home with Marshall, she ditched the wedding dress fitting with her fellow Love Is Blind brides and instead met up with Josh, where they decided to give things another go.

As Marshall was with his friends during his suit fitting, he was told Jackie didn’t make it to her appointment at the bridal show.

“I couldn’t even get the decency of the text message,” Marshall said in an interview confessional, admitting that he still loved her. “If she wants to talk, cool. I’m done talking.”

Jackie and Marshall sat down one last time and she called it quits because she has “chemistry with Josh.”

Marshall asked for the engagement ring back, but she kept their former token of love.

After their split aired during episode 10, Jackie revealed the final breaking point during the romance was when he called her a “project.”

“[It was] that and then there was another comment that he had made, and I’m not gonna go into that because it’s very, very derogatory to a group,” Jackie told Us Weekly on April 7, 2023. “But, he made that comment and I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m cool.’ Once you disrespect me and call me out on my character, as a woman, I’m not standing for that. I’m outta here.”

What Did Jackie Say About the Love Triangle?

The reality star took to social media after footage of her coffee date with Josh and subsequent breakup with Marshall aired on Netflix in an effort to clear up the timeline of events.

“I have seen the latest episodes that have premiered on Love Is Blind and I must speak the truth,” she shared via Instagram on April 8. “Marshall and I were broken up before I saw Josh at the coffee shop. I am wearing different clothes, my hair is styled different and at the end of the [conversation with Marshall], I say, ‘I DON’T KNOW IF I AM GOING TO BE WITH JOSH.’”

She continued, “I am not sure what the reason is for playing the coffee shop date before the breakup but to restate, Marshall and I were broken up before Josh and I had our coffee shop date.”

Jackie previously revealed that while Marshall was at the tuxedo fitting as she skipped wedding dress shopping, she was “actually at the townhome waiting for him to come back so [she] could break up with him,” she told Entertainment Weekly on April 7.

Following the reunion, Jackie took to Instagram to “apologize and take accountability.”

“I understand that it was a quick transition from one relationship to another, but this relationship did not start as most do in the real world,” she shared via her Instagram Story on April 18. “My connection with Josh was much deeper than it seems from a viewer’s perspective.”

She went on to apologize for her “disparaging remarks” made in text messages that were later leaked and thanked Marshall for apologizing for the “derogatory comment that was made off camera.”

Are Love Is Blind’s Jackie and Josh Dating?

Jackie and Josh were spotted at a Seattle Mariners MLB game in April 2023 leading fans to believe the pair are still going strong.

TikTok account @DadesMemories posted a clip of the two bundled up while watching the baseball game before they moved to a different part of the stadium on April 3.

While rumors were flying surrounding the pair, Jackie cleared up any confusion when she revealed they had “moved in” together.

“We together. That’s my baby,” she said during an interview with Sharronda Williams. “We going to war. That’s my baby.”

As for Marshall, he doesn’t have “ill will” towards Josh and Jackie.

“We shared that experience for quite some time, and I’ll always have that to remember, and I am choosing to hold on to the good memories and let go of the hurtful ones and the one that ultimately ended us,” he told Us Weekly on March 7, noting he felt “blind sighted” by Jackie and Josh’s reunion. “I think that’s best to just put that under the bridge and keep moving and put that in the rear view … I have no regrets. Everything happened how [it] was supposed to. Everything happens for a reason.”