Moving on is hard to do. Nikki Bella confessed she was “struggling” in the early days of her relationship with her now-fiancéArtem Chigvintsev, because of her past with ex John Cena. The Total Bellas babe even gave the Dancing With the Stars alum a chance to get out. 

“There were certain things I was struggling with because I was still in the process of healing, but yet I was falling in love so fast with this man,” the WWE athlete, 36, dished during the “The Bellas Podcast” on Wednesday, May 27. “I had that conversation with Artem. I told him, ‘Look, I have good days and I have bad days and I am trying to heal, but I don’t want to lose you. But if you want to put up with what I’m going through and stay by my side, do it. But if you want to walk away and we come back to this relationship down the road, I 100 percent understand.’”

Nikki Bella and Artem
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John, 43, and Nikki split for good in July 2018 after six years on-and-off together. She struck up her whirlwind romance with Artem, 37, in January 2019. Despite her reservations, the Russian stud wanted to “support” Nikki and stay by her side. 

Fans have been watching the early stages of Nikki and Artem’s romance play out on Total Bellas. Between the Arizona native backtracking on moving in together and a drunken fight, the dancer was put through the wringer a bit — and even Nikki agrees. 

“I mean, I’m with the world right now. I’m watching this season and I’m Team Artem,” Nikki admitted. “I sit back and I’m like, ‘I am such a lucky woman to have this incredible man in my life.’ And these are the pros of being a reality star because we get to watch these moments.” The Incomparable author credited communication for keeping their relationship afloat, and she gushed that Artem has been her “rock” through all the ups and downs. 

Of course, a lot happens off camera that viewers don’t see. “People don’t know the conversations Artem and I have had, which has helped make us be so strong,” added Nikki. 

As for what’s next for the lovebirds, they have a baby on the way and have decided to put their wedding on hold. “When I got engaged, the one thing I would have loved to do was the wedding planning,” Nikki exclusively told Life & Style. “But I was so shocked when I found out I got pregnant.”

Nikki Bella Wears Black Lace Dress and Red Lipstick With Fiance Artem Chigvintsev in Black Turtleneck Split Image With John Cena in Blue Suit and Pink Tie
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This is the first child for the gorgeous couple, and they get to share their baby bliss with Nikki’s twin sister, Brie, who is also pregnant with her second child with husband Daniel Bryan. Although the first-time parents are ecstatic for their new addition, it felt like a bit much with wedding planning.

“I found out literally like less than two weeks later or two weeks later, and it just rocked us,” Nikki continued. “I told Artem, I was like, ‘Artem, we have this baby, we can not do wedding planning because I just need to wrap my head around, like, I’m going to be a mom in less than nine months!’”

Keep being the cutest, you two!