Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick were once a Bachelor Nation fan-favorite couple. After they split and called off their engagement, fans were heartbroken and couldn’t help but ask the million dollar-question: Why did they break up? 

Why Did Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Break Up? 

Over the summer of 2023, fans of the reality TV stars speculated whether Kaitlyn and Jason’s relationship was on the rocks. After celebrating the 4th of July together, the duo stopped posting pictures of each other to their respective social media accounts. Naturally, fans grew wary and demanded answers from the then-couple. 

Upon seeing an influx of fan comments, Kaitlyn posted — then quickly deleted — a cryptic message to her Instagram Stories. Though she did not mention Jason by name, her note fueled the rumors that she and Jason had broken up. 

“I cannot believe the audacity of people to expect things from me when I haven’t even been able to process things for myself,” the “Off the Vine” podcast host wrote in August 2023. “Have a f—king heart. You’re scaring me with your comments and demands. I’m almost worried about YOU.”

Less than one week later, the pair announced their split in a joint Instagram post. 

A split image of Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe promoting tennis gear

“After sharing the news with family and close friends first, and taking the time to properly process it ourselves, we are saddened with heavy hearts to share that we have decided to end our engagement,” Kaitlyn and Jason wrote. “We are thankful for all of you who gave us the time and space to process this life altering decision as there are many emotions and changes to navigate.”

Later that month, Kaitlyn revealed that she and Jason broke up because they did not make “each other a priority” in the end. 

“I think people assume if people break up, something bad happened,” the Bachelor alum noted during an episode of her podcast. “And I think that’s the hardest part of this whole breakup — nothing bad happened. … I’ve never respected someone more through a breakup than I do with Jason.” 

Though Kaitlyn and Jason called off their wedding plans, a reconciliation is still in the cards. She revealed during an August 2023 “Off the Vine” podcast episode that she and Jason agreed “the door isn’t permanently closed” on their relationship. Not only that, but the former couple’s families and friends would “love them to get back together,” a source exclusively told Life & Style at the time. 

What Have Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Said About Each Other After Splitting?

The LeDuc, Canada, native called out her former fiancé  for not “protecting” her from haters following their split. Kaitlyn specifically mentioned an Instagram Reels video Jason posted on August 23 that showed him moving his belongings out of her home while the former couple’s golden retrievers, Ramen and Pinot, appeared sad to see him leave. 

“We talked about protecting each other through it because, of course, when you go through breakups you want to have your side and someone to have their side,” Kaitlyn said during the September 19, episode of her “Off the Vine” podcast. “To justify it and say all these things. We really agreed on protecting each other.”

“When he was, kind of, leaning into that sad — I was like, ‘Bro,’” Kaitlyn said. “It didn’t protect me because it made me look like I was taking the dogs away from him.” Kaitlyn has since unfollowed Jason on social media.

Next to his video, Jason wrote, “I share this bc although I said I was ok, I wasn’t … This has been another reminder to me that it’s ok to show weakness, it’s ok to ask for help and that the support from family/friends is truly unbreakable when they know you really need to lean in.” Followers flooded the comments with support with one fan writing, “It’s the dogs’ reaction for me,” as another agreed, “This broke my heart. Your dogs look so sad.” One person told the former Bachelorette contestant, “Post all the sad posts you need. We are all rooting for you!”

Kailyn and Jason had previously mentioned in their August 6 breakup statement that they would be sharing custody of the pups, writing that Ramen and Pinot “will continue to be cared for together as brothers.” The duo explained, “While their humans are no longer romantically involved, we will love and take care of them together.”

The pair seemingly shaded each other on social media after Jason shared his birthday wish, hoping 35 is “better than 34” on October 23. Two days later, Kaitlyn posted a dancing video via Instagram where she tossed her engagement ring. However, she claimed the performance wasn’t directed toward a “certain person.”

While things between the former couple seemed tense, they reunited for Chris Harrison’s wedding to Lauren Zima in November. Kaitlyn posted a group photo via Instagram while she stood next to Jason on November 4, leading him to comment, “It was great seeing you KB.”

Hours later, Jason posted a video highlight from the weekend, which started off with Kaitlyn in the frame. “Nothing brings perspective to life’s nuances like witnessing two beautiful humans finding their soulmate. The celebration was truly incredible, and it was an honor to be present,” he captioned the Instagram post. “It was a weekend filled with laughter, reminiscing, and appreciation. Congratulations to Chris and Lauren! Here’s to a lifetime of health, happiness, and all the time in the world to enjoy!”

Did Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Want Kids? 

After Kaitlyn and Jason ended their relationship in August 2023, a separate source exclusively told Life & Style that month she “wanted to settle down and start a family” with Jason, but their “relationship just shifted.” 

Kaitlyn also revealed during a podcast episode that she had always thought about having children, noting she couldn’t “wait” to “be a mom” some day. However, she expressed her concerns over how modern technology has impacted kids as they grow up. 

“I have a huge fear of having kids because all of this, because of what life could look like in 10 years, with all the things we’re talking about,” Kaitlyn admitted. “And each year that goes on, I get more and more terrified to have kids.” 

When Did Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Get Engaged? 

Though they were both a part of Bachelor Nation, Jason and Kaitlyn didn’t meet until January 2019 during an episode of Kaitlyn’s podcast. Shortly afterward, the two started dating and moved in together that June. 

In May 2021, Kaitlyn and Jason announced their engagement after more than two years of dating. The then-lovebirds were so excited to tie the knot that they even started planning their honeymoon, Kaitlyn exclusively told Life & Style in October 2022. 

“We want to go to the Maldives and have a complete relaxing, like, over-the-water bungalow,” she gushed at the time. “Then, we want to go to Italy and — he’s never been to Italy, which is my happy place. So, we wanna go to Italy and go around all the different places there and eat all the food and drink all the wine.”