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Angelina jolie

Bridal Style: Angelina Jolie Wears Her Children's Artwork on Her Wedding Gown — Plus 11 Other Unique Celeb "I Do" Dresses!

Angelina Jolie isn't alone in the one-of-a-kind wedding dress department! Check out 12 stars, including Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Julianne...

UPDATE: Joan Rivers' Daughter, Melissa, Confirms Her Mother Remains "on Life Support"

Updated Sept. 2 at 4:24 p.m. ET Joan Rivers' daughter, Melissa, has just released a statement about the current condition of her mother,...
Kylie jenner gun tattoo instag

17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner May Have Tattooed a Gun on Herself Because Obviously

How do you spell “rebel”? Kylie Jenner! (Or so that’s apparently what she wants the cool kids to think these days.) According to her Instagram,...
Kanye west jay pharoah

Feud Alert!: Kanye West Reportedly Called Out Jay Pharoah After His VMA Impersonation

Jay Pharoah must’ve missed the memo that Kanye West really does not like being made fun of. Like, was he sleeping during the epic Kanye/Jimmy...
Chris tucker debt

A $14 Million Tax Debt?!: Chris Tucker Joins These 10 Stars With #FinancialProbz

They got one more, one more prrrrroblem! They may be rich and famous, but these 10 stars still have issues when it comes to handling mola. Scroll...
Carters prince george

Bow Down: Check Out 12 Celebs Who Are Related to Royalty!

Let's face it, Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Carter are nothing short of royalty in the music world. But, did you know the Carter family is...
Pamela anderson

Sometimes Less is More: Pamela Anderson Looks Unrecognizable in New Magazine Shoot — See 7 More Star Makeunders!

Pamela Anderson sure does clean up well! For the new issue of Notofu, the 47-year-old Baywatch babe forgoes her trademark heavy look and trades it...
Unauthorized saved by the bell lifetime

An Open Letter to the ‘Unauthorized Saved by the Bell’ Movie: 10 Things Wrong With the Made-for-TV Flick

There are many reasons we love Lifetime: They make the cheesiest, yet greatest movies — hands down. (Who hasn’t had a hangover marathon in bed...

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