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Baby skeleton

This 62-Year-Old Woman Had a 38-Year-Old Baby Skeleton Inside Her Body

In perhaps the weirdest news we’ve heard, well, ever, there’s a woman who recently found out she had a baby skeleton calling her stomach home for...

Happy VMAs Weekend!: The Disney Princesses as Miley Cyrus is Legit the Greatest Thing You’ll See All Week

You know your Friday is set up for success when you pop online to see the Disney Princesses in twerk-tastic Miley Cyrus formation. And thanks to...
Elijah wood child stars

HollyGOOD!: 10 Former Child Stars Who Turned Out Alright, Alright, Alright

Proof that not every child star follows a destructive path! Scroll to see the 10 former child actors who never had a drug-related incident, got in...
Mother gave daughter tapeworms

A True & Repulsive Story: Pageant Mom Wanted Her Teen Model Daughter to Lose Weight — So She Gave Her Tapeworms

We’ll give you a moment to let that headline sink in... Pediatric E.R. nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio is a woman who has seen many disturbing things...
Britney spears sick fan

Britney Spears Grants Sick Fan Last Dying Wish by Flying Him Out to Las Vegas to See Her Show

This story proves exactly why we will forever be a fan of one Miss Britney Spears. At just 28-years-old, Cory Moraw was told by doctors that he...
Nick cannon mariah carey divorce split

REPORT: Mariah Carey Can Talk About Her Imminent Divorce, But Nick Cannon Can’t — Unless He’s Willing to Pay Up

Hey, they don’t call her a diva for nothing! Just one day after Nick Cannon confirmed that he and Mariah Carey are living apart, a new report...
Ryan seacrest girlfriend

Ryan Seacrest: The 39-Year-Old Gajillionaire Dating a 23-Year-Old Model Because Duh

Ryan Seacrest was about 16-years-old when his new girlfriend, model Shayna Taylor, was born. That means he was cruising around in a car with his...
Brad pitt angelina jolie

The World is Ending — Obvi: Brad Pitt’s Psychic Claims the Actor “Doesn’t Love Angelina Jolie.” WHAAAAT.

Brad Pitt — like some people in this world — apparently has a psychic. Just in case you haven’t learned anything new today, there you go. Thank us...

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