Proud Mamas: Mothers Take Back Postpartum by Sharing Their Inspiring Natural Bodies

Take back postpartum


The media may be flooded with photos of celebrity bodies that have snapped back with ease after pregnancy, and the shops may be filled with 'postpartum' products to help reverse the effects, but there are still plenty of mamas out there who wear their stripes with pride.

One of these ladies, January Harshe, a Texas mom and founder of Birth Without Fear, is trying to bring body confidence back to the natural state of postpartum by banding together with other moms to show off their bodies.

TakeBackPostPartum and its namesake hashtag are now being used to show off the scars and stripes that are the marks of motherhood, all with the message of "You are good enough."

"I said ladies if you want to make a change, we have to do it ourselves," January told 'Today.' "There was a big response. Women said, 'Let's show what this is like' … What I've learned is that every woman struggles one way or another. Every woman struggles differently. I'm trying to show all the variations of normal for postpartum and motherhood."

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The results are simply beautiful. Some of the ladies pose with their children, some have scars, others have stretchmarks, but none are shying away from their true state and many even open up in the captions about their own personal body image struggles.

See some of the inspiring posts below:

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