Win A Double Date With Matt Damon And Ben Affleck!

Benmatt omaze

Win a date with Ben and Matt.


Talk about gentlemen.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are offering themselves up on a double date all in the name of charity.

The longtime bestfriends are particpating in a contest run by online charity platform Omaze. 

“It’s great to be working with Matt again. It was a little awkward after he didn’t get the Robin role, so we couldn’t be more excited," jocked Affleck

“Yeah that was tough, but I still have the costume from my audition, so I'm hoping I can wear it when we meet the winners," says Damon

Sound like fun? Here's what you need to do:

Go to, and make a $10 donation before Feb 18.  All proceeds from this experience will benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative and

Every one has an equal chance and should you be the lucky winner you and your BFF will be flown to Los Angeles to hang out with Ben and Matt at an exclusive Hollywood event as their personal VIP guests! You’ll mingle with the stars and learn what it’s like to act, write, win Oscars, and just be awesome.

Oh so awesome.

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