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    <p><span></span>Who would have thought a few suitcases of hair gel could start so much controversy? Yet from the moment MTV's new series <em>Jersey Shore</em> hit the airwaves,it's been one of the most watched -- and most argued about -- shows in the country. But with cameras filming and the cast partying 24 hours a day, there was no way all the wild antics could make it onto the screen. <br />

During a recent photo shoot with Life & Style, the entire cast dished the dirty secrets that you won't see on TV!

Do any of them have a secret sex tape?

Snooki admits letting cameras roll during some past hookups, long before Jersey Shore started filming -- but says she'd never try to cash in on any lost footage. "I don't want people to watch me doing that," she says. "It's a private thing." Still, she had better be sure the cameras are off when she's hooking up with anyone new these days. "A sex tape starring Snooki could fetch between $1 million and $3 million," Steven Hirsch, founder of porn company Vivid Entertainment, tells Life & Style. "It could be considerably more." Ronnie also admits to having taped past hookups! "I'm pretty sure I already deleted any sex tapes from my phone," Ronnie says hopefully -- but he's not entirely certain.

Could Ronnie and Sammi actually make it to the altar?

Absolutely. Not only did the couple make a serious love connection over the summer, they're still dating. He and Sammi both say it's gotten serious. "I love being with her," Ronnie says. "I would do anything for her. It's taken me a long time to find this connection. I'm going to see where it takes me." In fact, after just five months of dating, Sammi's even talking marriage and kids. "I definitely feel like Ronnie would be a good husband and father," she tells Life & Style.

Who has had plastic surgery? And which cast member has plans for a boob job?

"I've had a breast augmentation," JWoww tells Life & Style. "I bought it for myself as a birthday present a few months before I turned 21. I didn't really need to go bigger, but I wanted them. I'm really happy with them now." JWoww's perky bustline -- always on display during nights out -- has even inspired Snooki to get a little nip/tuck. "I keep staring at JWoww's boobs and I'm like, 'I want a boob lift,'" Snooki says. "I'm definitely looking into a lift."

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