Tameka Foster Raymond Tries to Keep Positive During Tragedy

Tameka raymond usher son pool accident 1

Tameka Raymond took this picture with her son after the accident


Tameka Foster Raymond, who was reportedly in tears during an emergency court appreance last week, is not letting herself give up over the custody ruling, which keeps Usher's status as primary caregiver of their son Usher Raymond V, who was injured in a swimming pool accident while under the care of Usher's aunt.

Usher Keeps Custody of Usher Raymond V After Accident

The day after the ruling, Tameka appeared more upbeat as she tweeted and retweeted some more positive messages.

Tameka tweeted, "When life doesn't make sense, remember the universal system is beyond anything we can comprehend. We don't need to see it. Just trust it," she wrote.

Usher's Ex-Wife Shares Photo of Son After He Was Hospitalized for Nearly Drowning

Tameka also retweeted a quote from Lucille Ball: "One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesnt pay to get discouraged. ~Lucille Ball (Why I Love Lucy!☺)."

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