EXCLUSIVE: Tori Spelling and Husband Dean McDermott 'Were Into Swapping Partners,' Source Shares

Tori spelling husband dean mcdermott


Ever since Dean McDermott’s affair, Tori Spelling has played the victim, but it turns out, she’s not so innocent!

An insider exclusively tells Life & Style Tori is no angel herself — and in fact, the married couple “were into swapping partners!”

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The insider details an incident that went down at a pool party Dean and Tori threw a few years back. According to the source, the couple were knocking back drinks and, after calling Tori the love of his life, Dean proceeded to offer her, um, services to his friend!

“He said, ‘Try her!’ and proceeded to push Tori onto his friend’s lap,” the insider reveals to Life & Style.

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Not that Tori resisted. Instead, according to the insider, she eagerly tried to kiss Dean’s friend — who was so mortified, he fled the party!

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